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To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations. Our footage has been featured on many current affairs programmes including the BAFTA award winning BBC’s The Dog Factory, ITV’s Tonight, ITV Wales This Week and Y Byd ar Bedwar, Sky and Channel Five News, BBC Wales, Week In Week Out, BBC’s The One Show and many others. We would like to make it clear we make no profit from this. We never sell our footage.

Poppy from Raffles Cockapoos, September 2015

Collected on Saturday 26th September 2015, from Raffles Cockapoos, Cheshire

Having planned for a while to get a Cockapoo I had read many books and online advice as to how to care for a puppy in the first week and beyond, so I thought I was pretty prepared for being a first time dog owner. How wrong could I be?

On arrival at Raffles, Mark handed us Poppy and we were given a quick rundown on what to expect in the first 24 hours, handed a bag of goodies, paid and off we went.

I was completely smitten with Poppy and on the way home held her on my knee in the blanket we were provided, which apparently smelt of her mum. It was a 30 minute journey home, so we didn’t think there should be too many problems. I had planned for possible wees and a bit of motion sickness so packed a puppy pad, wipes and a carrier bag just in case. Thank goodness I did! Within ten minutes of leaving the breeders, Poppy had diarrhoea all over her blanket and my knees.

The diarrhoea continued overnight and within 24 hours Poppy developed a dry hacking cough as well. I got in touch with Raffles and they advised me to give her Panacur for 5 days. We did this for 2 days, but Poppy had an awful reaction to the Panacur, acting really strangely like she was on speed and throwing it back up. The cough progressively got worse over the next couple of days as did the diarrhoea which still contained blood. Her weight was beginning to fall.

By Tuesday, I was really worried about her, so I took her to our local vet who provided us with some sensitive canned food to settle her tummy. By Saturday, her stools had worsened so we returned to the out of hours vet who gave her an anti-sickness injection, a rehydration supplement and something for her tummy. She was just as bad on the Sunday so we returned again to the out of hours vet who gave her another anti-sickness injection.

Things didn’t improve into the following week and Poppy looked ill, very thin and  wasn’t drinking very much at all by this point. I got in touch with Raffles and told them that I was worried about Poppy who continued to lose weight, she still had bloody stools, and she was dehydrated and had a hacking cough. She wasn’t a well puppy and I was scared. Alison offered to speak to her vet for me to see what they advised and would get back to me. I had to chase her up a day later and she said she had spoken to her vet and told me that they had advised that she needed two types of medication, Metronidazole and Erythromycin. She offered to speak to my vet and tell them what Poppy needed, but I declined this offer and spoke to them myself. They stated that they couldn’t prescribe the medication we wanted without a poo sample and the results would take 7-10 days.

By the look of her, Poppy didn’t have 7-10 days and I was gravely concerned. I could see and feel every rib and so, beginning to panic, I decided to call Raffles vets directly and see if they would see her as they had recommended the medication Poppy required according to Alison. When I spoke to Raffles’ vets, they agreed to see Poppy straightaway.

The vet examined Poppy and spent quite a long time with us explaining that the symptoms could be either giardia or campylobacter and how we should be careful as giardia can transmit to humans. The vet took a poo sample but prescribed some medication to be taken immediately for cover both possibilities. We were given the impression that they knew nothing of Poppy’s situation until I had called them.

Over the following days, Poppy started to improve, her stools hardened up, she started to gain weight and drink properly and she became more sprightly like a puppy should be. Poppy’s faecal sample returned a week later and she had tested positive to Giardia, Coronavirus & Clostridia Perfingens.  Campylobacter was also detected.

We were made to believe by Raffles that this was an isolated case.

Dougal, bought from Raffles Cockapoos, Nantwich, Cheshire, April 2017

Collected Sunday 2nd April 2017 from Raffles Cockapoos, Cheshire

As a family we had been talking about getting a cockapoo for a while. We are not spontaneous and had taken a long time thinking about this and watching the Raffles Facebook page. We read through the reviews at length and all of the posts happy owners were posting and everything on the website.  It all seemed perfect. You read so many horror stories so if we were going to do this we intended to do it properly.

We had planned for the summer 2017. It was then we saw some photos on Facebook and our hearts took over. One thing led to another and on Friday March 31st we reserved our pup and arranged to collect him Sunday 2nd April 2017. It all happened so quickly. We were first time dog owners so it was all new, the excitement took over and any slight doubts were overlooked. Everyone had heard of the breeders so surely everything must be ok?

We started making arrangements to go and collect him, it was further away than we realised so planned to go the day before and stay with family. On Sunday we were so excited and arrived at the home to collect him, a little surprised that so many people were also there! But nothing was going to spoil this moment for us. Looking back I had questions I wanted to ask.

We were excited, had driven a long way and had our daughter with us and son waiting at home. We waited while lots of other families were handed their excited pups and some were choosing theirs. All a bit overwhelming. We were then handed our pup who seemed quieter than the others but we were reassured that this is completely normal for pups being taken away from familiar surroundings.

After about 5 minutes our new pup was sick on the sofa and he was quickly removed to the playpen and we were told it was probably the anxiety. He was sick again before we took him home. We had been told by friends how common it is for pups to be sick in the car.

We were given some bottled water and a bowl and advised to get him on the road as we had a long journey. He was sick all the way home every 10 minutes of the long journey but we were half expecting travel sickness and were unaware it was anything more.

We got home and he was quiet and sick, we still felt he was getting used to his surroundings as that is what we had been told. He had diarrhoea but remembered we were even given information about diarrhoea in puppies. We had never had a puppy before so at first also thought the lethargy was normal.

I did not want to be an over protective new puppy owner so we tried not to worry. I turned to the new forum I had joined For the love of Cockapoos for advice and emailed the breeders. The breeders were away but responded quickly advising me to go to the vets if concerned saying this is what the insurance is for.

Things quickly went downhill and then the bloody diarrhoea started. By 11pm that night, our first night home with our new puppy we were in the waiting room of the emergency vets. My life was turned upside down I was upset, confused and frustrated but absolutely defended the breeders as felt this was just bad luck.

The emergency vets told us he was very poorly and the best thing was to admit him. We left our new puppy and went home and were told we could phone in the morning. We had not even registered with a vet yet. The next morning still in disbelief about what had happened we arrived at the emergency vets where we saw our puppy again, strange how you can bond so quickly.

He had been on a drip all night and we were told we needed to find a vet to take him too. So off we went appreciating the cuddles on route to the new vets. We took him in and were told he was very sick. We were told lots of information about what it could be and they would treat him for dehydration while testing for all possible options. They were very clear and honest with us that he was very poorly and things could go either way.

What followed all seems such a blur and a distant memory now, but reading similar stories have brought it all back. We were confused, emotionally drained and wanted to make sense of the wholesituation. I went over everything that had happened and looked through all the information provided. It all looked professional, surely I had not let my heart rule my head?

The vets were truly amazing and threw everything at him they could and it wasn’t long before we received a phone call:  he had tested positive for Parvovirus and we were prepared for the worst. The breeders were in constant contact with us and our vets but they insisted 100% it was not parvovirus and no other pups were ill.

We turned to the vets who were looking after our pup and they provided a long list of research for us to read. We trusted the people who were caring for our pup 100%. Every day we had good news and bad news and we visited him by wearing protective clothing, shoes and gloves. The breeders offered to take him back. Again head said yes and heart said absolutely not. Our vets helped this decision by telling us he was too poorly to travel and we decided what would be would be and we clung on to every positive we saw.

He needed 3 plasma transfusions in the end and after a week of intensive care we finally heard the words we had been hoping for. He can go home! We were provided with disinfectant for all areas he had previously pooed in and for after all poo he was to do. We disposed of everything that he had previously and deep cleaned the area where he was.

Once we had him home we wanted to forget the whole situation and requests to the breeders to pay for the excess were agreed. They told us Pet Plan would pay the rest. When they did not pay out we turned to the breeders to pay and they did. We felt strongly that we could put this behind us and despite some of our feelings and thoughts and questions we had felt we wanted to see closure and sent a final email to the breeders thanking them for paying and for how they handled things.

I still wanted it to be an isolated incident. I hate any form of bad feeling. This email was then used without my permission on their website. I received a rather angry phone-call from the breeders after I had spoken to another owner who also had a pup with parvo. Then came a rather horrible email. I was banned from the forum where I had initially got so much support. The reports of poorly pups kept appearing, each time bringing it all back.

I am a caring person and was still left a little uneasy at the thought of anyone else going through a similar situation. I was also aware that had we not acted so quickly my story maybe very different. I wanted to protect owners and their pups. I only had my experience and my feelings. As time went on I saw and read other people with similar stories.

My message to others is go with your head and gut not your heart, be suspicious, ask questions and do your research. If you only see positive comments or reviews ask yourself why. There will always be good and bad experiences. I would rather hear a balanced view. I cannot see why people would ever make up a story. It has been most unpleasant reliving this and I have done so to bring awareness. If he had been a healthy pup I probablywould not even be aware of other ill pups. I am glad to hear there are people who have had healthy pups and I can understand why they question the bad stories as it has taken all this time to truly sink in for me and I experienced it.

For people who have healthy pups no-one is questioning that, so I just ask please that for those of us who have had bad experiences, we are shown the same understanding.

I am truly saddened to hear about puppies that have been ill or have not made it.

Darcey, bought from Raffles Cockapoos, Cheshire, Oct 2017

Purchased Oct 2017, Red Cavapoo from Raffles, Nantwich, Cheshire who died from parvo virus within 11 days.

Why did we buy from Raffles?

We met a cockerpoo pup from Raffles during the summer of 2016 who seemed happy and healthy. The owners had also been impressed with Raffles, in particular the hygiene measures taken to ‘protect’ the dogs from viruses when people visit; looking back now we view this differently (see arrivals section). We had spent some time doing our research as we had heard about the horrors of puppy farming and tried to find a reputable breeder from which to purchase our family dog. 

On Arrival at Raffles

On 23rd October 2017, we purchased our long awaited Cavapoo puppy from Raffles, Nantwich. There were a couple of odd things around the collection of our puppy that, due to falling in love with her immediately – a guaranteed reaction – we both overlooked whilst there but did remark on when we were on our drive home.

  • We were asked to step into a footbath on arrival (filled with disinfectant one assumes) and to sanitise our hands before being allowed to handle the puppy. The message could be that they pride themselves on their hygiene levels but since our experience – and hearing of so many others – I now wonder
  • Darcey was in the breeder’s arms waiting for us as we pulled up on the drive, the mum and remaining litter mates were nowhere to be seen
  • Darcey was never put on the floor, she was handed to us practically as soon as we stepped into the room after the foot tray and gelled our hands
  • She seemed scared when we met her and not socialised or confident, unlike many other puppies we have met
  • There were 3 play pens in the shop/collection room with blankets on the floor. It was clear that puppies do not ‘live’ in that room. There was still no sign of the mum now that we were inside.
  • There were no other puppies in the play pens in the room despite being told there were two more in the litter waiting to be collected. I asked where they were and the owner pointed to a closed door – why weren’t the rest of the litter mates with my puppy?
  • We did meet the mum and dad but it was all rather odd. They were carried across the drive into the room. They were brought to us but never put on the floor. Why would you keep two fully grown dogs in your arms and off the floor?
  • We had no idea if the mum was the mum. We saw no evidence of her having fed her pups and whilst Darcey was wagging her tail, the mum didn’t seem that bothered about her
  • On the way home I noticed that Darcey had sawdust/straw stuck to her paws and between her toes, particularly the back ones. I tried to get it off but couldn’t as some of it was really stuck. I did wonder where this could have come from since we were told the puppies are brought up in the family home with children etc.
  • Everything told us that something was not right, but with a beautiful puppy in your arms and the excitement of our children waiting at home in the back of our minds, our brains were not functioning. Mark performed his sales routine, which was very impersonal and sounded like he was just going through the motions like he had done it hundreds of times before. He reassured of several things we may experience: expect blood in stools due to the stress of moving to a new home, expect the dog to vomit on the way home (first time in a car), expect the dog to not eat etc., etc.

On Arriving Home

When we got home on 23rd October 2017, Darcey had a runny stool and it had blood in it. The breeder had warned this would happen; they had an answer for everything. 

Darcey didn’t eat a huge amount and what she did eat was only from the floor. She didn’t seem to know how to eat kibble from a bowl.  Over the next few days, she seemed to be settling in the house and garden but seemed distressed when we left the house to go for a vet check on 26th October 2017. She seemed fine at the check up, suspected ear mites, but otherwise all appeared to be well. We enjoyed a happy 4 days with her, welcomed her into our family and all fell in love with her; our much awaited puppy.

First signs of sickness 

On the afternoon of 27th October 2017 she started wretching and vomited. A couple of hours later Darcey was sick twice more and started to appear lethargic. She only wanted to be in her bed sleeping, wasn’t interested in food or drink. We didn’t want to risk anything knowing that dehydration can be fatal for puppies so we emailed the breeder for advice at the same time as taking her back to the vets.

She was admitted to the vet hospital that night, with suspected gastroenteritis or parvovirus. We were to await the results of tests. The next day she starting refusing food and we had to give permission for the vet to insert a feeding tube into her nose. Even when we went to visit her she only licked a tiny amount of food from my husband’s hand.

The devastating blow then came. Parvovirus was confirmed and Darcey was put into isolation. I was able to visit her but had to wear scrubs and gloves. It was difficult to cuddle her with the equipment and feeding tube; just broke my heart to see her like that. Such suffering and heartache for her and for us, particularly for our children.

From then on Darcey was up and down – one minute we had hope she’d pull through, the next we thought we would lose her. She got to the point where she was regurgitating all food given to her by the tube and was deteriorating fast. On the Thursday we had the call from the vet we had been dreading…they recommended that we let her go because she was just too poorly.  Such a devastating loss to us. She received amazing care and attention at the vets and I am grateful for all they tried to do to save our girl.

The breeder disagreed with the vet’s diagnosis and told us that he had called round the other families with pups from the same litter and all of them remained fine, including the two that remained with them. A European specialist was on site at the vets at the time Darcey was in and she reviewed the test results.  She reconfirmed the diagnosis of parvovirus.  Even after giving him this update, the breeders continued to suggest it was our fault but there is simply NO WAY that could be the case.  Our vets report confirms that the incubation period is 7-14 days so we know that parvovirus was NOT contracted from us; something I felt the breeder had intimated several times during Darcey’s illness.

It was after I requested a refund and forwarded the report from our vet to Raffles that they started to get aggressive and rude. I couldn’t believe the way they were behaving to one of their customers, especially after what had happened.  I was told our vets report was ‘appalling’ and even threatened with legal action.

We know of several others Raffles puppy owners who have been in a similar situation to us. I would not wish this experience on any other family.  Many people are afraid to speak out due to the threats of legal action that come very early on when things go wrong.

There is nothing here but the truth. Luckily for this breeder and many others there are still more healthy pups leaving to go to their forever homes than sick ones. Thank goodness. This doesn’t mean it isn’t happening but it does mean people need to take a balanced view of any breeder. There will always be bad with good, dark with light: fact. It is the suffering in numbers that needs awareness.

We thought our case was an isolated one but sadly, it quickly became apparent it was not. The puppies don’t have a voice but we do. I am doing this for Darcey and to raise awareness of what can, and sadly does, happen.

All we have left of our beautiful girl.

If you have bought a sick puppy from this breeder please contact Cheshire East Council to log a complaint:

and also get in touch with us:

Vince, bought from Raffles Cockapoos, Cheshire, 2017

We bought Vince, our pup from Raffles in Nantwich, Cheshire on 3rd June 2017. Taken in by the beautiful picture and fabulous 5 star ratings we foolishly (in hindsight) fell hook, line and sinker. When asked for pics of mum and pups, I was palmed off with a “oh you’ll meet mum and dad when you pick up pup”.

Having never owned a puppy before I didn’t think anything of it as really we had already fallen for this little guy – who apparently was a “rare colouring ” so commanded a hefty price tag.

We kept this all as a surprise for our daughter who travelled with us to get pup (not knowing what we were doing). On arrival we were smitten, the set-up seemed overwhelming and a little odd, but hey puppy was ours to take away – after credit card transaction of course!

We did indeed meet mum and dad, well apparently they were . Two dogs were carried across the courtyard and we accepted it. Our pup at the time had no recollection of his mum, in fact he didn’t really seem to know how to handle playing with the other pups (cavapoos) in the pen. 

So, we hurried off in joy, a lovely summer day and stopped on way back (a 2 hour trip) to get a drink at country pub and water for the dog ( we never put pup down he stayed on our lap and drank bottled water from a dish we purchased from them). Our dog was sick once on way back which we put down to travel sickness.

He seemed a bit low the first couple of days but nothing horrendous and then on the 3rd day ( Tuesday eve) he was very sick in his cage. Overnight this got worse, the following morning there was sickness and diarrhoea everywhere. We took him straight to vets who initially thought it might be an upset tummy due to a (nail size)  piece of gammon that had dropped on floor. He was given medication etc. We contacted breeders who advised us to use Panacour and it was probably down to new puppy settling in.

The following morning we awoke to a very limp dog and horrendous diarrhoea everywhere. The poor pup was very ill. This was day 5 – June 8th 2017. We took him back to our vet who confirmed that we had a very, very ill pup and he needed to be hospitalised. This was the start of the worse week of our lives. He was tested for everything and our worst fear, parvo was confirmed.

We advised the breeder who insisted rest of litter were ok and at this point started to apportion blame on us.  On June 10th 2017 (Sat) – one week after we had pup we were told that his chances were 80/20 ( the 80 being against surviving). To say our vets performed a minor miracle is an understatement and after many visits by us to see our pup , excellent care from loving vets and assistants – I guess God was smiling on us because he pulled through.

We had no support from breeder, in fact they were aggressive and threatening. They continually said that the parvo couldn’t have come from there as no other pups affected (we didn’t see his litter mate anyway) and also the incubation period would have meant it was contracted when he was in our care). This is impossible as the incubation period is 7-10 days according the many published papers within the profession.

We now pay a higher than average Pet insurance due to this illness and we have to keep a close eye on him. We know of others who have been in this position and afraid to speak up, we’re not because we were lucky but lots haven’t been and we hope that this helps break a silence.

If you have bought a sick puppy from this breeder please contact Cheshire East Council to log a complaint:

and also get in touch with us:

Daisy, December 2017

We bought Daisy from Raffles in Nantwich on Sunday 17 December 2017.

She died on Christmas Day.

She seemed ok at first, although she had a dry cough on Wednesday. I took her to my local vet on Thursday 21st December to register her and let them check her and book her second vaccination. I mentioned cough and was told to keep an eye on her and try 4 meals a day as she was so small. On Friday morning she would not eat anything and was very quiet so I took her to the vet.  She had a raised temperature so they gave her an antibiotic injection and said to keep a close eye on her. Bought some canned food from the vet to try and tempt her to eat. She slept in her bed most of the day, she drank but would not eat anything and remained very quiet.

I phoned the vet and arranged to take her in as soon as I was back from an appointment . But, when we got home there was a dreadful, rancid smell and Daisy had had diaharrea which was creamy / bloody colour. We took her straight to the vet with a stool sample and they were very concerned about her. They kept her in overnight on fluids and sent bloods off. Nurse called me on Saturday morning and said Parvo antigens showed up in blood results. We decided to take her to the emergency vets as my local vet could not keep her overnight.

When we picked her up to go to vets now in Macclesfield we were told she also had Giardia . She was put in isolation at vets. She would not eat anything while there at all and on Monday 25th December, Christmas Day, they asked for permission to insert a tube to start tube feeding her. Then we got a call at about 9pm to tell us she had deteriorated.  They’d done an ultrasound and her tummy was full of fluid and she had to be put to sleep.

As you can imagine we are devastated and don’t want any other puppies and families to go through this.

IMPORTANT: Giardia has a 9-15 day incubation period and is infectious to humans. If you, or any of your family feel ill with stomach problems please see a doctor and mention pups infection.

If you have bought a sick puppy from this breeder please contact Cheshire East Council to log a complaint:

and also get in touch with us:

I got my puppy Tilly, from Douglas Hall Farm in Burnley, Lancs. She was a little beagle, less energetic than the other puppies, more timid and independent. She caught my eye and I instantly put down a deposit. I had to wait a week or so to bring her home so I could get her all sorted, so I went up and visited her almost everyday. Each time she saw me, the more excited she got. She was perfect.

Once reserved, they moved her into another section of the farm, which was darkened, no windows and with a dim lamp. This was filled with all of the other puppies that had been reserved, some excited pups and some incredibly down pups. 

Her first day at home was nice, she was still pretty shy but she was getting used to everything. I started noticed that she was incredibly tired all the time and she wasn’t as energetic as a puppy should be. She rarely played and when she did, she got worn out after 5 minutes or so. She was struggling to eat and already looked thin (from what I know, beagles are a greedy breed). We were doing well when it came to toilet training, but this is where I noticed something was wrong. Every time she went to the toilet, there was blood – quite a lot of it. She started collapsing every time she went for a number 2 and had no energy to move. My partner took her to the vets and they didn’t notice anything wrong with her, but she continued to collapse and get sick.  

At this point, my mum told me that we couldn’t cope with the vet bills as it would cost a fortune. Unfortunately I had to take her back to Douglas Hall and request a refund as they had sold me a sick puppy. The more I tell people about this place, the more I realise it wasn’t just Tillly who was ill – there’s been plenty of others. 

I’m hoping Tilly has a new family and she’s well, but in all honestly, I’m not sure if she made it.

Purchased from licensed pet shop, Douglas Hall Cottage, Spenbrook Road, Newchurch-in-Pendle, Burnley BB12 9JG

I am going to tell you a story and I hope it will show you the heartbreaking cases of the tragic dogs and puppies from puppy farms. Back in November 2015 we decided to look for a puppy to join our family, it had taken our children and myself years to convince my husband to buy one. We looked on the internet and found Douglas Hall breeders we went there and we found a little dog which we called Bentley he was our pride and joy he settled into our family and he was our world.

Fast forward to the beginning of February 2016 and unbeknown to me my husband planned and reserved another puppy for my birthday so Bentley had a playmate when he arrived to pick up the puppy he had reserved he found out that they had sold it (I am not convinced it was there when he reserved him) the only other dog left was a little boy who my husband bought and brought him home I called him Archie I loved him.

However by the second week in March I noticed some strange behavior Archie was very agitated walking around the outside if the room hiding his head under furniture and appeared to be blind, I rang our vets and they asked us to take him down if he deteriorated, unfortunately he did and we rushed him down where they discovered he had gone blind and thought he may have meningitis. We were asked to take him back the following day for blood tests and a lumbar punch which we did, by lunchtime he had been diagnosed with a portystemic liver shunt a congenital problem (ie he was born with it). We were given two options to either treat him medically or by major surgery, unfortunately for us we had just changed over our insurance from the breeders to our own and there was a 14 day clause that if he fell Ill within this then he would not be insured so our only option for him was to treat him medically.

For the next 6 months our lives were turned upside down and inside out it was a roller coaster of emergency visits to our vet and the emergency pet hospital and we painfully watched our fur baby deteriorated before our eyes to the point he ended up with sepsis my heat was broken thinking we would lose him (it still makes me cry thinking of this even as I am telling you this). We came to the conclusion that his only option was major surgery.

Archie was referred to Liverpool small animal teaching hospital where his surgery was booked for the end of October, he was in hospital for 5 days and came home to recover and regular blood tests for the next 5-6 months. His last blood test in April however showed that there was a slight problem, it hadn’t closed completely and further surgery was needed so on June 19th 2017 he went back for surgery. At 19.00pm the vet called to say that they had to abandon the surgery because by the time they had got through the scar tissue from the previous surgery he had been on the operating table for 3hrs and therefore risked brain seizures so he had to recover from that and the following week 26th June 2017 he had more liver surgery. We brought him home after 5 days to recover but one month later at his follow up they rang to say he had been cured his liver was now re-growing we are now all so happy we have our dog well for the first time. The cost of all this treatment besides our heartbreak and has cost us a total of £9 813 36. What we have been through as a family has been heartbreaking and I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this, fortunately we have now a happy healthy dog.

Purchased from Red Lion Pets, Oldbury, licensed to Richard Kendall, Peoples Pets.

The morning of 28/12/14, I was looking on the Internet and came across a advertisement for 3 Shih Tzu puppies two males and one female. I had been contemplating getting another dog after my Lhasa Apso of 14 years, Perry, sadly passed away 09/01/14. After seeing these gorgeous puppies my mind was made up, i dialled the number on the advertisement, a man answered, said he would be in all afternoon if i wanted to come and take a look at the puppies and mentioned he only had 1 male left. I travelled to 1 Red Lion Close, Oldbury, B69 1TP. I pulled up outside a house and knocked the door, there was no answer so i called the number i had called earlier, i was told to wait where i was. Around 2 minutes later a man appeared from around the side of the house, he asked me to follow him and I entered a blue door into what looked like a side building attached to the property. When i entered i seen 3 Cocker Spaniel puppies, then in the next pen then were 4 Bichon Frise puppies and finally the last male and female Shih Tzus in another pen.

The man who had greeted us and I believe who I had spoken to on the phone earlier that day was named Keith. There was a couple there who had just brought a Cocker Spaniel puppy and a lady and a young lad had come and purchased a Bichon Frise while i was still there. Keith explained everything from when to feed puppy, not to bath straight away, when they had been wormed and flead everything, he even asked us to call if we were worried wheather it be day or night as puppy would be quiet down to being in a new home. He mentioned the puppys had arrived that morning that they had just left their mother, that the breeder didn’t have time to arrange sales of the pups so asked him to handle it, that’s why the bitches wasn’t there. We handed over £350 and left with a fluffy bundle of cuteness, who we called Monty, a receipt, a leaflet when to feed and what to feed Monty and the pedigree papers.

When i arrived home Monty was quiet, just lying in he’s bed not wanting to play, then he would seem restless, pacing round, fidgeting. Every little noise would frighten the life out of him and he would cower. I decided with it being he’s first night in a new home away from he’s mom i would stay downstairs with him. He lay in he’s bed all night, which i thought was strange him being in a new environment, i thought he would be exploring after being here for a few hours but nothing. I fed him breakfast by hand as he wouldn’t eat out he’s bowl. Dinnertime came and he didn’t want to know he just lay on he’s bed looking so miserable, i knew this wasn’t right as Perry my dog who passed away was in to everything and playing when we first got him. I decided to call the vet Monday 29th December the day after i picked Monty up i made a appointment for that night at 7pm. As i didn’t know Monty’s history i decided to take the paperwork i was given by Keith with me. The vet had a listen to Monty’s heart that sound fine, but he had a high temperature also the vet mentioned a puppy should be more lively than him. She recommended that he be admitted into the surgery and placed on a drip, also antibiotics fed intravenously too. The vet had said with puppies they can go down hill very quickly so she thought it was for the best, of course i just wanted whatever was best for Monty. I gave him a kiss and left with tears in my eyes.

I got home so angry i was thinking of calling Keith and telling him but instead i decided to (a little late i know) do some research. I typed the name into google that was at the top of the receipt “Richard Kendall” with “puppies” next to it, i pressed enter, the first thing that came up was this website and another underneath with puppy farm in the heading, my heart sank! I found out Richard Kendall buys puppies from Welsh puppy farms and sells them on, i had heard of puppy farms before but i didn’t ever think it was on my doorstep to be honest i thought it was illegal and didn’t know it still went on around the country let alone the world, the more i read the more i was sure Monty was born on one of these hell holes the breeders call “kennels”. Not seeing him with he’s mom, there being multiple breeds there, going to a kennel like conversion on the side of a house and not going into a warm loving home.

I felt sick, upset, angry, hurt, betrayed and guilty. I absolutely love animals especially dogs and finding out this goes on alot more than people know or even care to acknowledge even worse finding out it isn’t illegal and nothing is set in place to make sure the animals aren’t mistreated, have basics, such as clean fresh water, clean, dry, warm bedding, quality food and excersise makes my blood boil.

I called the vets that night to see how he was, they said he was okay still quiet not wanting to eat, temperature still high but until the antibiotics kicked in they wouldn’t know for sure. I didn’t sleep that night as you would expect. I called in the morning vet said he’s the same but no worse so that was a good sign i kept calling but they couldn’t tell me anything else other than what they had already told me. I called the next day 31/12/14 they said he was a lot brighter, barking and eating he’s food, wagging he’s tail, i was so happy! I asked if he could come home and the vet said yes not this morning though, tonight as he still had just under half a bag of antibiotics to finish and they wanted to give him the whole bag of fluids too. Which i didn’t mind as long as he was better i just wanted the best for him. I brought him home that evening and for the first time i seen that little tail wag. He has been through a lot so young i also decided to start he’s injections again. Monty is doing fine, he’s full of energy runs round like crazy plays with he’s toys, eats, drinks and gives us the unconditional love which we glady give him back. I pray he has no health issues in the future, but who knows, i just want him to be happy and healthy. I had never even thought the puppies i were looking at on the advertisement may have been bred on a puppy farm in Wales. Sadly this was the case. This evil trade needs to be stopped, the breeders may have licenses but all it is is legalised cruelty. If anyone wants to buy a puppy do your research, see the puppy with it’s mom abd siblings, never buy from someone who has multiple breeds. Lets put an end to Puppy mills/farms!!

Purchased from Mr Dave Rowley, 4a Liverpool Road East,ST7 3AQ 

Sunday 16th February 2014, after seeing an advert on the pets4homes website together with my wife and our 2 daughters, Lucy and Georgina we visited the premises of We met ‘Steph’ who introduced us to 4 Cavalier King Charles puppies. We all fell in love with a Tri Colour female who we called Rosie. Steph provided some food and a vaccination record card. All seemed well with Rosie, she was a loving, affectionate little thing and as it was half term the girls spent loads of time with her. I arranged with my local vet for Rosie to have a new puppy check on Tuesday 18th Feb. Rosie did have diarrhoea which the vet said could be due to her being away from her mother and settling in a new home.

Over the next 2 days Rosie became lethargic, vomited and had further bouts of diarrohea. On the morning of Friday 21st Feb I took Rosie to the vets, she was given an injection to make her feel less sick and I was instructed to mix electrolyte with water for Rosie to drink. Throughout Friday we syringed the mixture as Rosie did not want to drink or eat. By late afternoon there was no improvement, the vet advised we should bring Rosie in that night and they would attach a drip as she was starting to dehydrate. Saturday 22nd Feb, the vet called me after testing Rosie for the Parvo virus and confirmed the bad news that she did have it. Rosies chance of recovery was 50/50 and we instructed the vet to support her as best they could.

We visited Rosie every day, some days she was worse and others Rosie showed signs of recovery such as standing up, eating and drinking. Even the vet was cautiously optimistic that Rosie had turned a corner and the conversation had changed to ‘when’ not ‘if’ Rosie would come home. Saturday 1st March, Rosie was going downhill dramatically. The vet called me a few times and at lunchtime confirmed Rosie was bleeding in her tummy. Rosies young body could not cope anymore and there was no chance of recovery. In order to relieve her suffering the vet put Rosie to sleep.

We were devastated, telling Lucy and Georgina was heart breaking. What made this worse is Lucy had been diagnosed with a brain tumour in August 2013. Lucy underwent a 9.5 hour operation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and has made a remarkable recovery but still lives with the remains of the tumour. Getting a puppy was supposed to take our minds off the daily worry the tumour has brought to us.

We found out later that Mr Rowley has sold 5 pups in 2014 who have all died from the Parvo virus. It is difficult to explain how we all feel now, personally I am a trusting person and I find it difficult to understand how a human being can make money from causing untold suffering to families like ours. Thanks to an investigation by Environmental Health and with witness statements Mr Rowley has since been convicted and fined for his actions.

There is a happy ending to the story we did get another puppy, Lottie a Blenheim King Charles Spaniel. Lottie is now 10 months old and we love her to bits. Lottie came from a Kennel Club registered breeder who was very passionate and professional. I urge all of you who read this story to do your homework properly before buying a puppy. Do NOT take your kids with you, go on your own initially, be impartial and do your due diligence. We didn’t and I have to live with that. Above is a picture of Rosie when she was alive, we still have her in a wooden casket proudly sitting above our fireplace.


Purchased from DOGS4US pet shop, Bramley, Leeds.

On Monday the 18th August 2014 I purchased a male Lhasa apso puppy from dogs4 us in Bramley Leeds. Staff told me the puppy was 10 weeks old and had a temporary vaccination and didn’t need any vaccinations until the week after. My puppy joey was actually born on 20.05.14 which makes him now 14 weeks. When paying for joey we were not told that if we had any problems to bring him straight back. We were advised of times to feed him and how much which we did.

On the Tuesday night after we brought him home on the Monday Joey started to throw up around 1am then this was followed with diarrhea and more sickness on the Wednesday. I had previously taken him to the vets Tuesday morning for vaccinations but he couldn’t get these has he not settled in yet. I made another appointment for the Wednesday and the vet advised he had a very swollen and gassy tummy and gave him 3 injections I was advised he should perk up after these.

Joey deteriorated through out the day and at around 10 pm was rushed to the emergency out of hours vet as he was very cold and not responding to anything. The vet said he didn’t have a good chance of survival and this would be a long illness. Anyone with a puppy will understand how distressing it is to see your dog ill and not be able to help them. My partner contacted Bramley store first thing Thursday morning as we has already spent 300+ on vet bills . They said it was nothing to do with them and we should of taken him to them – baring in mind he was taken ill during the night and they shut at 6.

Joey was admitted to vet for more treatment on Thursday, the vet advised he has gastroenteritis and he was given antibiotics, put on a drip and given fluids. I visited dogs 4 us Bramley Tuesday morning they refused give me his vet notes and told me the vet would have to ring me. Prior to this my partner sent a letter recorded delivery and an email to show what treatment Joey has had and what was wrong with him. I received a call from a very rude man claiming he was the vet that gave my pup his temporary vaccination. He told me joey had only ever had one check up and told me this was not his problem that the dog was ill he then hung up on me – his name is T A Irvin and works for BVMS MRCVD vet surgery. The tone this man took with me was appalling. I then rang the Bramley shop to tell them and but the assistant who sold me the pup was not interested and told me to ring Manchester store. The manager at Manchester store is called Chris. I have never ever been treated the way she has spoken to me. The receptionist had just as bad attitude. We were told it was our fault as we didn’t take the pup back to them for treatment. How could I take a sick puppy to Manchester at 1am when they have NO out of hours vets. They had no response for this.

When I spoke to the manager she continued to interrupt me and wouldn’t let me talk using phrases such as ” do you just want to be quiet now and let me speak ” she advised our letters and email were not received and even though we have a delivery confirmation for the email. This woman is a disgrace and calls herself a manager. My other point is also my pup only had ONE check up on 7th august so how do they know my dog was in good health when he was sold?! They have no proof. We have spent nearly £1,000+ in a week on this poorly pup. I do not promote puppy farms and I have never been a dog owner before so was very blind to what was going on. These people are making a living out of selling poorly dogs. This case is still ongoing. I will do anything it takes to make people aware of what they are doing. I will keep people updated on Joey, we are hoping and praying he pulls through and has no more illnesses. I can only say how much i regret funding such a disgraceful company but i am willing to do what i can for joey.

Ruby’s story

Richard Kendall trades under a pet shop license from Marlborough Road, Wooton Basset, Wiltshire. He buys in puppies from Welsh puppy farms to sell on at profit
Read this warning story from someone who recently bought puppy from him.
I bought a puppy from what I thought was a breeder, but in fact he is a vendor, His name is Richard Kendall and he lives Marlborough Road, Wooten Basset, a bungalow which has a lot of land and houses some kennels further down. It was all very clean, I desperately wanted a CKCS and as I was looking I came across his advert on I pets 4 homes. As he was the nearest to us I phoned him and he had just what I wanted, a little ruby bitch. While we were there a young couple were buying a Cavichon. Once they left we were taken out the back to see our Cav and I fell in love with her immediately. She was with her brother, who was identical to her same size and although they were both tiny, I wasn’t unduly worried. We bought the girl and I was told she had been wormed and frontlined, got the pedigree and was strongly advised (as were the other couple) to take out insurance asap. As I always insure my dogs just thought it was sound advice.
We bought her on the 2nd may 2014, and was told to take her to the vets on Friday 9th for worming, I got an inoculation card which said she had the temporary vaccine on 19/4/14, so that was reassuring. Ruby was a quiet dog who didn’t seem to like being handled so I put off bathing her as I normally would so as not to upset her and she was frontlined so no need to worry. I took her to vets on the 9th and as she had a slight cough the vets gave her antibiotics and said she’s not eating enough as she might not be able to smell the food and gave her a special food. By the sunday she was so listless I was so worried I phoned the emergency vet took her straight up I told the vet her tongue was almost white, the vet checked her and she was riddled with fleas and probably had been since birth, ruby was sprayed completely by the vet and a blood test done she was seriously anaemic, we took her home but had to go back next morning with her, when her blood was tested again she needed a transfusion, it was all done and now Ruby is back to being the energetic bundle she should be.
I phoned Mr Kendall who told me off for taking her to the vet and said I should have phoned him and he would have picked her up and given me my money back. I was distraught so he asked to speak to my hubby, I had already told him she was having a blood transfusion he told my husband “look don’t waste your money I will give you your money back and you can get a new puppy” obviously Rubies life was worth nothing to him. I told him we have had all the treatment and he says if I produce the receipt for the treatment he will refund the purchase price how nice of him (not). At the moment ruby is thriving she has a blood test tomorrow and I am hopeful and optimistic. But it has been a real wake up call and an eye opener for me. About what really goes on, the callousness of these people who can just destroy a puppy so easily is really beyond my comprehension. A dog costing £400 pounds has cost me about £1,300 so far but we can afford it and what price do you put on life, I just dread to think of the heartache that could be to someone less fortunate.

Purchased from Kerry Scase, Beech Street,South Elmshell, West Yorkshire.

I would just like to warn people about a Breeder named Kerry Scase from Beech St, South Elmshell Pontefract West Yorkshire.

On Thursday the 10th of April 2014 I purchased a puppy from this breeder who was advertising her litters on Pets4homes. The next day, Friday the 11th april I had to rush my puppy, Max to the vets. A snap test was done and he was confirmed to have parvovirus. I got back in touch with the breeder but she denied he could have caught it at her home. Sadly after fighting for days to try and beat this virus little Max was put to sleep on the 16th of April 2014.

Since the breeder had other litters also for sale I was concerned that this virus would be spread further and that the other puppies may well also need to see a vet. I contacted the RSPCA but can’t seem to get them to take any action.

The breeder didn’t want to know and pleaded innocent to any wrong doing. After much research I found out that what I believed was a KC registered puppy, was In fact a mother and son mating and a dead females KC details had been used to register my puppies litter.

After a couple of weeks of asking for a refund I finally did get full refund on Wednesday the 30th april 2014. Please be aware, this breered is still advertising pups for sale and parvo virus can live in a premises for a long time.


Purchased from Linton Pets Store, Ladds Garden Centre, Bath Road, Reading

We bought Jasper from Lintons Pet Store in February 2012. Within a few days he had developed a cough, so we got him checked over by a vet. They informed us he had kennel cough and gave him an injection to help him out. They weren’t too concerned because he was quite bright in himself.

We were asked to bring him back for another check up in a few days. At this check up they said he was still the same and gave him some more medicine. He had another check up and we were told they still couldn’t give him his 2nd jab because he still wasn’t well.

After about 2 weeks of this treatment Jasper became quite lethargic. He had pneumonia & in his last few days he battled really hard, but his little lungs were not strong enough. Sadly he passed away in my 8 year olds arms.

We had Jasper approximately 3 weeks and in that time he was in and out of the vets having treatment.

For a little chap he made a big impact on our lives.

We did take the pet shop to court, but sadly we did not have enough evidence to prove that they would have known he was poorly. However with the help of our vets we did prove he was poorly before we had him.

Purchased from Meurig Kennels, Cilcennin, Lampeter, Ceredigon Wales

I would like you to be aware that September 2011 I bought a Bichon Frise Puppy from Meurig Kennels, Cilcennin, Lampeter, Ceredigon Wales. As you can imagine we were over the moon with this little fluffy Pup and our lives were fulfilled and filled with joy. I studied the website before buying this pup and all seemed okay as the review rate was very positive. However the breeder offered to meet me half way with the pup and I didn’t think twice about doing this as I thought he was doing me a favour and to save me travelling to him.

After a few months of having our puppy called Sunny we noticed his back legs were slightly bowed and found it difficult to walk for long periods of time and didn’t want to go for walks. I took him to the vet and he diagnosed Hip Displaysia which is not uncommon in dogs as they can lead a normal life with this. However this seemed to be getting worse within a few weeks and the vet referred him to a smart clinic in Swansea for further tests which lead him to having Physio and Acupuncture at a clinic in Cardiff to see if this would help. His behaviour seemed to change over time and he was confused when walking, falling over and knocking into things but he never complained and he did sleep a lot. His appetite and going to the toilet was normal so we didn’t know what was wrong with him.

The Smart Clinic in Cardiff decided to refer him to a neurology Clinic in Bristol and after a full examination and an MRI Scan the diagnosis was sadly a genetic disease which he had contracted from his mother. We had to have Sunny put to sleep 2 weeks ago as this condition would get worse and lead to death eventually, so we had to do the kindest thing for him. I have studied this in great detail and found that this can only be passed to the boy dogs and not the girls from the Mother. We have spoken to the breeder and he seemed to fob us off and didn’t seem all that interested, his words were (I haven’t had any other complaints from anyone else and there is another litter coming up at the end of month if you want another puppy. This bitch has had lots of litters)

I am absolutely disgusted with his response as it may be a puppy to him but he was part of our family and loved dearly and my children are very upset from losing Sunny at such a young age as he didn’t make it to two years old, which you expect to have a dog for many years to come and would like to know if any other boy pups have contracted the same thing as my dog has. I am not looking for another dog or compensation but I feel very let down, angry and upset by this awful experience and I feel that justice needs to be done for this poor little dog who we miss terribly.


Purchased from Mrs P Davies, Ace Kennels, Cefn Cloch, Meidrim, Carmarthen.

On the 20th may 2012 We found an advert advertising chow chow puppies for sale on pets4homes website, we contacted the seller and arranged to view the puppies. We were lead to believe that she breed her family pets for the first time and only had the 2 chow chows. Upon taking our chow chow (Simba), for his 2nd injections we found out he had a heart murmur also entropian in both eyes and would need an operation to correct them.

At 9 months old he started having trouble,severe diarrhoea and bleeding from bowels. We quickly took him to our vet were he was given medication to stop the loose stools. Simba quickly began losing weight but we were told to change his food. He gained a little weight so we had the entropian corrected at 11 months but we were told the heart murmur had gotten a lot worse from our last visit. On simbas weekly weight checks he was losing the weight again. He was booked in for blood checks on the Saturday .Sadly we lost our loving loyal dog on Tuesday 2nd April 2013. We are heart broken, we didn’t even have him a year but we loved every minute with him.

We then found out that Mrs Davies is a puppy farm (Ace kennels) and breeding sick dogs, devastated about this news I searched her on the Internet and found campaigns trying to close her down. Simba only lived until he was 1 year old, from the beginning he was treated as a product waiting to be sold , his life was full of pain and suffering thanks to his breeder, who thought about the money making over the health of her dogs.

There should be a law stopping her from breeding ill and suffering dogs Thanks for reading Simbas story.

click for Ace Kennels information.


Purchased from Mike/Andrew Molloy. Greysich farm, Bretby, Burton on Trent.

On the 1st January 2013 my family bought a gold cocker spaniel puppy from Mike/Andrew Molloy from Greysich farm, Bretby, Burton on Trent. On the 2nd January we took our new puppy for its first injections to be told by the vet that the puppy was very ill, suffering from heart failure. The poor health was clear after spending a few hours with the puppy, due to a hacking cough. After a day of researching how we could treat the dog, we came to the conclusion the only fair option was to put the puppy to sleep. We felt better doing this with our vet rather than taking up the offer of the breeder, to return it for his vet to put down, and swap it for another puppy. When purchasing the puppy, Mike/Andrew was pleasant and seemed a genuine breeder, however after contacting him the day after we bought the puppy to tell him of the puppy’s health, his attitude quickly changed to being rude and patronising. After this we have researched the breeder to find this has happened to others. We have found this ordeal very distressing.

Purchased from Link Farm in Pulborough.

We had not owned a dog before so I think we were a bit naive, we certainly know better now. On arrival it was very hectic, from memory there were several fenced pens with just newspaper down and some very scared looking pups. We weren’t offered to see mum or dad and no explanation was given. The pup was placed in my daughters arms and of course she loved him on sight so we agreed to go ahead and paid £500. We were given a puppy pack and told to feed him cooked chicken and also some of the dried biscuit in the pack. We had a photo copy of his first vacs and were told he has been wormed which she also wrote on the receipt, but really there was no concrete proof of this. We were aware he would need flea treatment asap.

The pup was very dirty and smelly, and his backside was caked in dried on poo, I thought this was a bit odd but decided that it was a farm after all so maybe I was expecting a bit much. When we got home we bathed the poor little fella and cleaned him up as best we could. He seemed ok, normal i thought for a pup going to a new home. He had a runny tummy from the offset, which i mentioned to the vets the following morning as I was taking him for flea treatment, they said it was probably just the trauma of travelling/new home etc and it should settle down, they also told me he had fleas.

The tummy problem persisted, and a week later we had to go to the out of hours vets (sunday eve) as we thought Bailey had something lodged in his throat, turned out to be kennel cough, I told them as well that his tummy was still bad and they decided to do an xray as there could have been a blockage, this proved not to be the case luckily, however back to my normal vets the next morning for two lots of treatments, one for his tummy, and one for the cough, so far vets bills have run into almost £400. I phoned the breeder to make sure the insurance was in place and I was assured it was, she didn’t sound too concerned, just said it was farm and dogs catch coughs there’s nothing you can do about it. The cough cleared, the tummy got better whilst on the treatment but then got bad again once the treatment was over. We went back to the vets and were advised to change his diet and send off a stool sample (£90). In the meantime, Bailey had his second injections and I was informed he also had ear mites, and another course of treatment was prescribed. The stool sample came back today 31st Oct and we have been told bailey has parasites and will require further treatments and another stool sample in a weeks time to make sure this has cleared, we were also told this could be transmitted to humans.Toxocara.

I would never have believed I could have been sold such a poorly animal, of course we couldn’t take him back, and we have come so far now, but I do not want anyone else to go through what we have, these people should not be allowed to sell puppies. I wish I had done my homework better and not been so trusting.

Purchased from Link Farm in Pulborough.

We had not owned a dog before so I think we were a bit naive, we certainly know better now. On arrival it was very hectic, from memory there were several fenced pens with just newspaper down and some very scared looking pups. We weren’t offered to see mum or dad and no explanation was given. The pup was placed in my daughters arms and of course she loved him on sight so we agreed to go ahead and paid £500. We were given a puppy pack and told to feed him cooked chicken and also some of the dried biscuit in the pack. We had a photo copy of his first vacs and were told he has been wormed which she also wrote on the receipt, but really there was no concrete proof of this. We were aware he would need flea treatment asap.

The pup was very dirty and smelly, and his backside was caked in dried on poo, I thought this was a bit odd but decided that it was a farm after all so maybe I was expecting a bit much. When we got home we bathed the poor little fella and cleaned him up as best we could. He seemed ok, normal i thought for a pup going to a new home. He had a runny tummy from the offset, which i mentioned to the vets the following morning as I was taking him for flea treatment, they said it was probably just the trauma of travelling/new home etc and it should settle down, they also told me he had fleas.

The tummy problem persisted, and a week later we had to go to the out of hours vets (sunday eve) as we thought Bailey had something lodged in his throat, turned out to be kennel cough, I told them as well that his tummy was still bad and they decided to do an xray as there could have been a blockage, this proved not to be the case luckily, however back to my normal vets the next morning for two lots of treatments, one for his tummy, and one for the cough, so far vets bills have run into almost £400. I phoned the breeder to make sure the insurance was in place and I was assured it was, she didn’t sound too concerned, just said it was farm and dogs catch coughs there’s nothing you can do about it. The cough cleared, the tummy got better whilst on the treatment but then got bad again once the treatment was over. We went back to the vets and were advised to change his diet and send off a stool sample (£90). In the meantime, Bailey had his second injections and I was informed he also had ear mites, and another course of treatment was prescribed. The stool sample came back today 31st Oct and we have been told bailey has parasites and will require further treatments and another stool sample in a weeks time to make sure this has cleared, we were also told this could be transmitted to humans.Toxocara.

I would never have believed I could have been sold such a poorly animal, of course we couldn’t take him back, and we have come so far now, but I do not want anyone else to go through what we have, these people should not be allowed to sell puppies. I wish I had donPurchased from Lisa Walsh,operating from Barnham Broom.

My daughter had wanted a labrador puppy for as long as I can remember. Last year when my mother was terminally ill, I decided life was too short and threw caution to the wind (in all directions so it would seem!) and bought my daughter a yellow labrador puppy for Christmas 2011. The advert said KC reg. pedigree, wormed and vaccinated £350. We visited twice and on the first occasion at 4 weeks old when choosing our puppy she was in the front room of the house in a large pen feeding from her mother along with her 4 litter mates. We took some pictures on our phones. They all seemed happy and content and I had no reason to think this was a puppy farm. There was no evidence of any other dogs.

The house was untidy but Lisa was very chatty and welcoming and I thought nothing more of it. I already had a 3 year old Westie that was born in a front room of a house which wasn’t a show home (but definitely NOT a puppy farm) and she has been a healthy little dog with no problems. We paid our £100 deposit and were told she would be ready from 25th November onwards. We did visit again 2 weeks later as we were so excited and often passed that way. I rang beforehand to arrange and Lisa was very strict on times saying she had family in hospital so I made sure we arrived at the time specified by her. On this occasion our pup was in the front room again with just one of her litter mates. Lisa said this was to get them used to being away from their mother for short periods of time which I thought seemed plausible. We took more photos of Bella and left feeling quite happy.

We collected Bella at teatime on Friday 25th November 2011. Lisa’s attitude was quite different on this occasion. She said she had no puppy packs left and just gave me a typed sheet of instructions on how to care for Bella. I was a bit put out as usually a breeder will supply you with a pack of food for the next few days that your puppy has been weaned on. She also told me she didn’t have the KC papers as her partner had died and that they were in his name and the Kennel Club had still not sorted it out for her. I didn’t feel I could argue over this as it was such a personal thing so I left with her assurance she would send them on. We picked Bella up and went to leave, she didn’t see us out or say Goodbye which I felt was quite rude but we had our puppy and were anxious to get her home. We picked up some of the food outlined in the instructions on our way home and Bella slept peacefully all the way. That evening she was happy and relaxed, ate all her food and we were over the moon with her. That night the diarrhoea started.

It went on and on and I thought it was maybe her adjusting to her new surroundings or maybe I had not got the right food and it had upset her stomach. By the following Thursday it was still going on although she was playful, happy and eating and drinking well. It was that night I too became very ill with severe diarrhoea and a fever. On the Saturday morning my sister took Bella to the vets for me as I was too ill to go out. The vet said Bella may have Parvo virus. They gave her an injection, said to feed her on chicken and boiled rice small amounts 6 times a day and to keep a close eye on her. This set me back around £80 within a week of purchasing her.

Gradually she began to improve and over the next 3 weeks we both got back to full health and we began to enjoy her properly. I didn’t think any more of it or consider contacting the breeder as I thought it was just bad luck but had turned out okay. That was until Bella started limping in October this year. I took her to the vets hoping it was just a sprain but in my heart I felt it was more serious. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to unfold though. The vet examined her and thought she had mild elbow dysplacia in her front left leg. I had insurance but only for a 12 month condition however I was not unduly worried as on speaking to a friend who had labrador with same condition it was treated and he had recovered well. We were referred to a specialist clinic who did a CT scan on Monday 17th December. The results were shocking. Not only did it show the dysplacia in Bella’s elbow but both of her hips are severely affected and she literally has no proper hip sockets, the bones have just formed round to stabilise her and somehow she manages. She doesn’t appear to be in any pain and there was nothing to suggest there was a problem with her hips. The vet asked if I had any contact with her litter mates which I did not so this week I have been doing some research and I am totally devasted to learn that not only my beautiful dog has so many problems but this breeder is responsible for so many more with various health homework better and not been so trusting.

Purchased from Sean at Link Farm, Wiggonholt, Pulborough

I was looking to adopt a Jack Russell, as I’ve loved the breed since I was a small child and was ready to open my heart and home to a new dog after the passing of our beautiful 16 year old family dog in the year of 1999. We’ve had no other dogs since.

After enquiring at all of the Sussex rescue centers, I was told the Jack Russells currently there had behaviour problems due to abuse or un-experienced owners not treating or training them properly, and all whom I spoke to advised me as it would be my first time owning a Jack not to adopt them as they are a very challenging and demanding breed. I was disappointed, as my aim was to adopt a rescue animal as all of our previous and current animals were and are rescues. And the main thing that attracted me to the Jack Russells in the first place was their cheeky personalities! But I took the advice to make sure the best outcome for myself and the potential new dog. (Note: Most of those rescue Jacks I enquired about have now found new homes with experienced owners, I made a point of checking up on their progress and stories!

I came across an advert by a Jack Russell breeder by the name of ‘magshappy’ on the ‘Pets4Homes’ website. This person claimed they were ‘experienced’ and bred ‘all types of small breeds’ (In their own words: ‘Jack Russell Minis, Jackuahuas, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs, Jugs, Chugs, Cavachons, Shit Zus Toys, and Bishon Frises’) and that all of their puppies were vaccinated, de-flead, wormed etc. They also stated each puppy came with a Puppy Pack and were from a ‘super healthy family’. The price was £225 for each puppy, which they advertised as “Miniature Jack Russells”. They also stated they were ‘very proud of their puppies’ and ‘liked to keep in contact where possible, and were all on hand to help and advise.

I booked an appointment to see the remaining Tri-Coloured female puppy via telephone, which the breeder’s wife claimed ‘another four people wanted to see’ and she ‘was ready to go that night if I wanted her’.

The female puppy was in a small octagon-shaped wire pen in an open stable with her two remaining brothers. There was heat lamp above them but they had no toys, one food bowl they had to share between them (though I saw no water), no blankets and their bedding was simply shredded newspaper. The mother and father were not present and nowhere to be seen. There was a female mother dog with a big litter of about six puppies (which the owner said were Jackuahuas) in the bottom of a converted rabbit hutch, also in the stable in the far corner. They had a few of these empty converted rabbit hutches in the stable which were rabbit hutches which usually have a ramp underneath which leads to a small run; They had simply removed the bottom of the hutch and the ramp and put both her in her pups in there with shredded newspaper and a heat lamp. There were also other empty small octagon-shaped wire pens, lined with shredded newspaper.

The female puppy seemed very scared and shy, and also her belly seemed very bloated compared to her brothers. But I fell in love with her at first sight, and knew I wasn’t leaving without her. The breeder said she was 8 weeks old. I paid for my puppy and the he took my details. He did not give me a second name however, only his first name, which was Sean. The breeder said they usually give puppy packs but they ‘had run out’. He also said he ‘couldn’t breed these puppies quick enough’ and they ‘sold fast’. He did not give me any food for the her, he just told me by word of mouth what he had been feeding the puppies. He said she was insured for four weeks, and if I had any problems simply ‘give him a call’. The man smelt faintly of alcohol which I didn’t particulary like, and the general feel and vibe I got from him was he was simply seeing these puppies as a money-making scheme.

The puppy I bought, whom I named Daisy, ended up having Kennel Cough and respiratory problems and had to be put on antibiotics. We own no other dogs and no dogs visit our home, and my vet said she most likely caught it at the breeder’s stable from the other dogs he had there. She was not vaccinated, de-flead or wormed. She had fleas, so we had to treat her and also our whole house to make sure we killed all fleas and eggs. Also because of the antibiotics, she couldn’t get her routine vaccinations to protect her yet which puts her even more at risk. She also has one toe missing from a foot, which could have been a birth defect or lost at a very young age. She has a hernia which explained the bloated stomach (which could have been heredatory or due to rough handling), which after confronting the owner on the phone that night after her diagnosis said he knew she had the hernia but didn’t mention it as he ‘didn’t think it was that important’. When I asked what worming product did he claim to use, he simply said the product he used only had a 10% success rate. I had to pay £66 in total for Daisy’s treatment, which the breeder said he would send a cheque in the post for. (His wife in the background was shouting and saying they would not be paying) It never came. My vet said the hernia can be removed when she is spayed, but if I didn’t want to get her spayed I now have no choice, as the hernia has to be removed regardless. I planned to get her spayed anyway when she is old enough, but the breeder didn’t actually give me a choice. Her vaccinations will also cost me another £32 when she has finished her course of antibiotics and well enough to receive them. The insurance which they gave me for the puppy covered none of the costs, everything came from my own pocket.

Everything the breeder stated in the online advertisement was misleading and false. Barely a week after I purchased Daisy, the breeders had placed another three adverts for three new litters of puppies. I ended up contacting the RSPCA over this matter because I didn’t want this to happen to anybody else and was worried for the other puppies they had for sale. They investigated, and the RSPCA officer I spoke to said someone had ‘tipped the breeder’s off’ that they were coming, and they found no evidence of other puppy’s with fleas or kennel cough. But he also added due to the breeder’s being ‘prepared’ for the un-announced visit, any evidence had time to be removed. He said they weren’t actually breeders; the reason the mother and father were not present is because they purchased the puppies from a puppy mill in Wales. They were simply buying puppies from stockists and re-selling them for profit. I was shocked and disgusted. I was heartbroken because I felt like I had condoned this sort of trade by buying Daisy. But at the same time, I was glad I given her a life she deserved. So I am torn.

I would not take my puppy back or change her for the world, I’m just angry on her behalf that she had to go through a horrible time health-wise due to negligence of irresponsible sellers. She was also very possessive of her food and eat it too quickly for a while and gave herself hiccups, because she was so used to having to fight for her share over one food bowl. She has now learnt that her food is hers alone and nobody is going to steal it from her. She is now a happy puppy and has settled right into our family.

I wan’t to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else, to do what’s right by the puppies they are selling, and want to put a stop to what these people are doing. Please, DO NOT buy from so-called breeders and support this horrible trade. Look into rescue centers and put yourselves on waiting lists for dogs needing forever homes, instead.

Purchased from Jenny Mitchell, Oakdene, Church Lane, Horsham, Sussex

I bought a puppy from Jenny Michell, Oakdene, Church Lane. Horsham, Sussex.On the 30th of July this year, I had several conversations with this woman prior to viewing this pup, she seemed ok, helpful and friendly, she told me that the pup was bred by a ‘lovely little old lady’ but it was not possible to see mum. However I went to view pup, I just new when I walked into the house this was not a good place

A female pup was brought to me, I asked to go to see where the litter was, she said I couldn’t due to health and safety !!! This poor little animal was given to me, I knew it was sick, I questioned its health, they tried to assure me the pup was fine….I gave her £400 and took the dog I just could not leave it in that condition. I asked about papers she said she didn’t believe in KC registration ?? I asked if I could have a blanket that the puppy was used too so I could settle her into her new home, she told me she didn’t believe in that either, she told me to take her home and bath her, she told me she had studied dog physiology and psychology and there was nothing about dogs that I could tell her.

There was no puppy pack I was just told to feed her Beta puppy. On the phone I was told she was 14 weeks old, when I got there I was told she was 9 weeks old, she was in fact born 15th May 2012 and is now nearly 12 weeks, to see her you would imagine her to be approx 5 weeks. 12 hours later she was at the vets….FACTS she was full of worms extremely under weight I could feel every bone in her tiny little body filthy, poo was caked all over her rear breath was foul she had been eating poo dehydrated had a temperature lethargic and unable to walk properly extremely shy and withdrawn had not been vaccinated Her tummy was extremely distended. When I picked her up she threw her head back, the vet said this is a sign her glucose levels were low

VET PRESCRIBED Two suspension fluids,an antibiotic injection,an injection for worms ( I have never seen so many worms come out of a dog in all my life) she had to be rehydrated had a course of antibiotics needed to change her diet as she could not keep anything in medicine for her ears, no mites, but filthy I was told on no account to bath her but just gently clean her rear with a soft cloth and puppy soap. According to the vet in Wales she was healthy on checking, she was wormed with Vanguard, given flea treatment, Stronghold, but only vaccinated for Parvovirus ( which is probably the breach of Jenny Mitchells licence).

My vet told me any more deterioration in her to get her to the veterinary hospital urgently, fortunately that was not necessary. My vet has told me to expect health issues throughout her life, I cannot tell you if she is a full bred Bichon Frise but she was sold as such. I have my doubts. I reported this woman to RSPCA who went out that day they told me she was known to them, they had been about 7 times but every time they visited either by appointment or unannounced she did meet the requirements. I have also reported her to Trading Standards at Sussex Borough Council they visited her that day, she is licensed to breed and sell puppies, however she has breached her licence by not vaccinating the puppies according to the regulations. I have yet to hear an outcome from them, they are also aware of this woman.

This woman advertises through Friday Ads on the internet……but the site looks more like a proper web page. Be assured this puppy will have the very best of everything, I know I have made a mistake by buying a puppy from a source like this I hope anything I have written will contribute to helping stop this awful trade

Bought from Anipals pet shop, London

We bought a 5 month old Westie from Anipals Kennels in London in June 2012. He was thin, had dirty eyes and his coat was in an awful condition. We simply couldn’t leave him there so we bought him home. He really was a pathetic little mess! Anyway, the very same day as we got him he had blood in his poo that simply became worse every few hours. The skin in his ears and around his eyes were pink and translucent like a piglets where he had not had any daylight. After at least 2 weeks of intensive medication including Pro-Kolin, Panacure, vet prescribed antibiotics and special food and more, plus a lot of TLC, he began to buck up.

So from the 15th June till now he has finally become a healthy, handsome, loving and playfull pup who I fear had he have been left there would now be dead. The vet seemed to think he had Colitus that he’d had for a while. Of course Anipals deny all knowledge of there being any blood in his toilet! I just thought we should let others out there know that if they do buy an animal from here to expect problems and no backup/come back. The other pups were kept in clean enclosures, i have to say that however they did not look happy and as far as we know they are only taken out into the yard out the back of the shop where there is no grass to exercise. I feel so bad for the rest of the animals there, and there were a lot!

Purchased from Lisa Walsh,Green Acres farm

Green Acres farm in Tasburgh, Norwich Norfolk. Note; Giardia is contagious to humans and can make you very ill indeed.

We wanted to get our disabled 6 year old son a puppy for xmas just gone. We’d been promising him for years. We managed to save about £400. Came across Mrs Lisa Walsh offering KC reg, Pedigree, vaccinated and wormed Labrador puppies ready for end of Nov for £350. Sounded perfect for us as couldn’t find any others ready for xmas time. Checked her out, all seemed ok at the time, none of this puppy farming information came up, I’d never even heard of it till now!

So we called and went to view the pups at 4 weeks old. I did think it was strange that it was all set up in her front room, pups were there with mum who seemed and looked healthy and was friendly. She said the dad was out working on the farm. It all looked ok tho so didn’t think much of it, I did also notice there was another room with several cages containing terriers. She said she usually has them in the barn but as it was getting cold she’s got them inside. Didn’t think any more about it. Mrs Walsh was friendly, chatty and bubbly, her son was there in and out. We fell in love with the only golden boy in the litter, which is what we really wanted, he was a nice size and sooooo cute. That was the pup my son wanted so we put down a deposit of £100. She said we could collect him on 26th November when he would be 8 weeks.

The day came, we collected him, she went to get him from the barn. We paid and she said she would have to post out his pedigree papers due to the kennel club delaying things because its all still in her dead husbands name, she said he died 2 years ago and they still hadn’t sorted it. She put on a good act and I felt sorry for her so agreed and took him home. We called him Alfie.

All was going well till he had a poo, it was sooo runny! Phoned her and she eventually got back to me after 2 messages. She sounded concerned for him and advised me to give him some normal milk with weetabix. I thought this was odd advise as it would surly make it worse. I also asked her where his pedigree was as had not recieved it and she said she’ll chase it up. I wasn’t happy, it was late so I emailed the place where we had got some food samples, which Alfie loved. CSJ foods, they are absolutely fantastic! I spoke to the kindest lady, Ceri, and she advised me to get a vet to test for Giardia. Took him to the vets and it was confirmed. With the help of the vets and Ceri, we got Alfie healthy. Or so we thought!

I’ve given up trying to find out when I’m going to get Alfie’s pedigree papers as still not got them! Alfie is 9 months old now and has just been diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia. At first we thought he has snapped both cruciate ligaments in his back legs but the vet misdiagnosed. After being referred to a specialist, more xrays and tests, we were told his legs are fine but his hips are in a terrible state and was most definitely born with Hip Dysplasia! We were totally devastated! He needs both hips operated on to replace them both as they are so unstable and arthritis has already set in. He is a little too young to do this surgery yet, needs to be 11 months. So now he is faced with another 2 months of pain and suffering.

He tries so hard not to let it stop him doing anything but I think he knows that he’s gotta rest. Its proving very difficult to keep him rested and we got months of it to come! His puppy years have been taken away from him and from my son too as they cant enjoy their time together as much as they want to and used to, the last few weeks he’s gotten a lot worse and its so heartbreaking to watch. And I honestly don’t know how Alfie has got thru this. He’s a nutty dog and still wants to be that bouncy crazy pup. I think he’s slowly realising that he’s got a problem and needs to rest!

The next 2 months are crucial to him, he’s got to rest like he was in a cage, we don’t have one and I don’t believe in caging an animal so we confine him to the hallway with baby gates. Its gonna be a very long and incredibly hard journey but i am determined to get Alfie through this. And although we got one of the best insurance policy’s for him with £10,000 cover, we will probably still go over and have to find a few grand. Each side of the hip costs £5,000 so thats £10,000 already. We’ve already used £700 on xrays and wot not so we are gonna have a big vet bill plus our premiums will go thru the roof!! I wasn’t really interested in getting our money back on him but this is costing so much money and we are not people that have money to spare! Its turned into a complete nightmare and all because of that evil, twisted, money mad excuse of a woman! I decided the Pen is mightier than the sword. So, I am going to report her and complain about her disgusting so called business. I will send it all with a detailed letter to Trading Standards, the RSPCA, her local Council and the Kennel Club.

Purchased from Dogs4us pets store

I cannot blame anyone else for the mistake we made in ignorance and we can’t use that as an excuse but we were guilty of impulse buying a beautiful little puppy from Dogs4Us on 30/11/10, Black Deejay Lad became Tyke (nicknamed Spud’s) and our 3rd staff! Even when we were told that he had to be registered with the KC as part of the purchase agreement we couldn’t refuse as having that cute little 12 week old bundle in my arms I was in love and he was coming home with us. Everything was fine until April 11 when we noticed that after long walks over the moors where we live Tyke would start to limp and pick up his left back leg. At first we though he had pulled his leg as he was very much into rough and tumble and loved nothing more than throwing himself about with our older dogs but after a couple of weeks it became much worse and he was almost lame. This was when the trouble started and he was only 8 months old.

To cut a long story short, after numerous tests and x-rays Tyke was diagnosed with a stage 4 luxating patella in his left leg which would require knee surgery to correct. The x-rays also showed that he also had the same condition in his right knee, possibly a stage 3, (we later found out it was a stage 4 as well) but at that time it was not affecting him so it was decided to leave it then. Just after his 1st birthday in August 2011 he had his 1st operation which did not go to plan, when they opened up his knee they found that his joint was deformed which made it much more complicated and we were told that if this didn’t work then the leg may not be able to be repaired. He spent 5 days with the vet following the surgery due to an allergic reaction before he was allowed home, much to our relief. From discussion with specialists and research we found that Tyke’s condition is genetic and is quiet unusual in staffs, it mainly affects small dog breeds or very large breeds. The fact that he had stage 4 in both his hind legs meant that either one or both of his parents would have been significantly affected by this condition, it would have been visible to the owner and should not have been allowed to breed as this condition is passed on to offspring.

We contacted both Dogs4Us and the KC and were disgusted to find that although they both made sympathetic noises they were both going to do absolutely nothing about it. I just want to make it clear to everyone so there is no confusion this was NOT about getting compensation this was about trying to learn from our mistake and stopping any other dog having to be born and suffer the same as our baby did.

Almost a year on and we have now found out that Tyke suffers other minor conditions all of which our vet believes are related to over breeding. He is today undergoing his 2nd operation to correct his right knee which started to show signs of going lame 8 weeks ago and could face further surgery on either knee as they cannot fully correct the damage he was born with. We are hopeful this time that there will be no complications following the surgery. He has a future of constant medications and arthritis in both knees and hip to look forward to so far but as long as he’s happy and healthy we will continue to give him what he needs. He’ll be 2 on 08/08/12 and he has been through so much in his short life, not to mention the cost for his treatments as insurance is a nightmare now! My biggest hope is that after reading this if just one person is put off from buying a puppy on impulse or in ignorance and does their research before buying to check any connection for puppy farming then sharing our mistake has not been in vain.

purchased from Jenny Mitchell.Oakdene, Church Lane, Horsham Sussex

We bought a puppy on January 29th And fell in love with her straight away, forgetting to ask the relevant questions about viewing the whole litter, mum etc. She was full of worms and have now found out we didn’t get the breed we thought we were getting. We bought a bichon but she is in fact a cross. We then decided 4 weeks later to get another puppy so they have each others company. We were told he was 8 weeks but he was just 7 weeks. He was unable to walk and was full of worms and has ear mites. Again couldn’t see the whole litter, he was kept in a shed in in the sellers garden with no mum. The vets are currently questioning if he is blind and if he has neurological problems and the bones in his skull not forming properly. I’m concerned that 2 separate litters were full of worms and ear mites, and Dylan’s future is uncertain.

Jenny Mitchel operates from a private residence under a pet shop license. Please be aware puppies are bought in from Welsh puppy farms.

Purchased from Aardvark Kennels

After weeks of searching for the ideal puppy me and my son finally fell in love with a golden Labrador at Aardvark kennels. We went to pick pup up and once there I realized this was not a breeder. I told my son to put puppy down as he sounded wheezy, but he really wanted pup. As we were deciding on pup the owner asked his partner or assistant to groom and clip nails of the pup. The assistant kicked the pot of clippers etc across floor and grabbed my pup with force. At this moment my decision was made to take pup away from this place.

I was told he had been fully wormed and intranasal for kennel cough. A week later at 10 weeks I took him for his second injection to discover this vaccination is not used and he was not treated intranasal it was all in vaccine which is no longer used as intranasal is best treatment. My pup has very swollen stomach from worms and ear mites so bad the black was coming out of ears. I emailed the kennels with no response. He was then diagnosed with kennel cough. Finally after all treatment at 5 months he was finally allowed out.

Sadly after just 2 weeks he was lame. He was referred to consultant after vets discovered broken fragments on x rays. He then had to have operation to repair the joint as he had elbow dysphasia. I mailed the seller again who accused me of being a bad owner and I should of noticed my pup was ill and not left it for so long. My vets were looking into his leg from 4 months as he limped, but being a young pup jumping in garden they first thought he had pulled something in leg. He is now recovering very well to treatment and is finally going out and doing what pups should do. I feel his puppy yrs were taken away from us through worry.

Although dog was insured it went over claim amount and I have suffered debt problems since and am now taking anti depressants (we got dog in first place as I was low) but this just resulted in me having treatment. The breeder of my puppy is under investigation due to bad conditions and I feel Aardvark would of known the conditions. Marley is my life now and a beautiful dog but shame he had such a bad start due to neglect.

Please don’t purchase a puppy from Aardvark Kennels, like me you will be keeping the trade up for puppy farming.

Purchased from Oak Tree Kennels

Hi there here is my story it is true and i give my permission for it to be published…

My husband and i felt it was time to add a new puppy to our family we already had a springer spaniel. He found some Border Collie pups for sale so we went to have a look, as soon as we drove in i knew something wasn’t quite right they advertised as a rescue centre……however it was obvious to me that they were not. We were at Oak Tree Kennels in Chippenham. To be fair to them the premises were clean and the pups all looked healthy. We were shown the border collies but had to look through an open door we weren’t allowed into the kennels, a small blue merle caught my husbands eye, i asked if we could see her and mum she was honest and said they were rescued from Wales.

We looked at the puppy and of course fell in love with her, however i noticed her eyes were a bit strange i questioned this and i was told that the puppy had been checked and she had micro opthalmia but her vision was fine i couldn’t bring myself to leave the pup there so we agreed to purchase her left a deposit to come back the next day to collect her.

On collection day and after reading up on micro opthalmia and the fact that this pup was mainly white and i worried if she would be deaf also i asked if we could see the puppy in the open the member of staff agreed i was happy the pup could here but her vision didn’t seem 100% i was assured it was and i just wanted to leave so we left with the pup and went straight to the vets. The vet also wasn’t happy and we made an appointment to see a specialist. On the whole the pup was completely blind and may loose her eyes in the future. I contacted the kennels and informed them and asked for purchase price of the puppy back she refused. I then threatened her with small claims court and the fact that on the vaccination card a vet in Wales had done the initial vaccinations and that the address of the breeder was meurig kennels in Ceredigion had been scribbled out and that i knew she came from a puppy farm she eventually sent me a cheque for the full amount.

Lily has a fantastic life and doesn’t miss out on anything she is a lovely girl and so affectionate and i wouldn’t swap her for the world, despite being blind she is so gentle with my young son. One of her eyes had deteriorated a fair bit it has a detached retina and has gone from blue to a brownie green colour vet says is cataracts but she is our little angel. If i ever went to one of these places again i would turn around and walk back out because once you see the pups then that’s that. I have attached some pictures of lily.

Purchased from M. Molloy Derbyshire

Our Cockapoo Meg born on 23rd April (we believe, but not certain) We responded to an ad in breedersonline and K9puppies websites by Mike Molloy, he was very plausible and patronising saying he had bred dogs all his life. We collected her on the 12th June being told she was 8 weeks old. Straight away we realised she had ear mites and got some drops from our vet.

After 5 days she had terrible mucus and bloody faeces, we went to our vet again to be told it could be the food recommended and supplied by the breeder. He provided some intestinal food, she got worse so we produced a faeces sample to the vet, this went away to the labs, (copy attached) She had Giardia very badly, I also caught it and also lost a huge amount of weight (1 stone in 6 days) After the diagnosis we both had to take medication at the same time to avoid re-infection.

I notified the breeder Mr Molloy who said there was nothing wrong with his dogs, it was my fault! Since then I have met and corresponded with 5 other owners of puppies from Molloy, they all had problems, he passed the blame back to them. Sadly, one of the puppies died within 10 days, Milo belonging to Helen. Molloy, when told, said it was not his problem and she had killed Milo! We reported him to East Dorset District Council and RSPCA Inspector Hammond, they both visited him and were starting prosecution.

Molloy moved in Sept to: Bretby BURTON-ON-TRENT DE15 0RH. Please be aware!

Mr Mark & Mrs Sharon Bartlett of Arcticwolves, KC affix Engbull

I answered an ad in April this year for an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix puppy, after phoning the breeder, checking their website and asking several questions we decided to go and visit the pup and his family, the breeders were also known as, Lampeter, Carmarthenshire. They were licenced through the Carmarthenshire County Council. When we visited the puppy we were taken to an area outside where we were shown mum and dad in a kennel, we were then taken to another area to see the puppy, when we asked why he was the only puppy left out the litter as he was then 12 weeks old, we were told they were let down by a timewaster who had left a deposit on him and after several attempts to contact them they had no joy so decided to sell this puppy at “below half price” as they needed to go on holiday and didn’t want to leave the puppy at home unsold as he would be difficult to sell when they came back due to his age. We decided to buy the puppy and were told to go inside and complete some paperwork, it appears that there was some communication by phone with the breeders and once the paperwork was completed they were waiting by our car holding the puppy, they asked where he was sitting and placed him in the car, we were told he was dirty as he had been rolling around on the newspaper in his pen, but once in the car and on closer inspection were realised how dirty he was so we took him home and bathed him, he also had thick black wax in his ears which we later found out were mites.

As we had travelled 4 hours back home we let the puppy sleep most of the night in his bed, it wasn’t until early the next morning I got up with him I noticed he was bumping into things, after taking him out into the garden I then tried playing with him but he became very withdrawn, and he was wincing away from the sunlight. I asked my husband to look at him and he said call the breeder after 8am. I called the breeder and expressed our concerns about his vision, she said don’t worry he was checked by my vet and there is nothing wrong with him, this breed is laid-back and clumsy, not to worry he is not used to furniture as he has been kenneled outside in a large open kennel, she said she was going on holiday that morning but if I wanted to bring him back it would be after the 12th May which was nearly 3 weeks away. We decided to take him the vets the next day and the vet had the same concerns as us and referred him to the Opthalmologists for some tests.

After several tests and scans it was confirmed that the puppy was totally blind with detached retinas in both eyes and a small chance of cataracts forming, and this was probably from birth, we were totally devastated but this was our dog and we wanted to keep him. It was only then when we looked back at how the sale was carried out that we knew the breeder had known, they had apparently been breeding this breed for 12 years and hadn’t noticed anything wrong with this puppy after having him for 12 weeks? I don’t think so! We emailed this breeder with the findings and offered to keep our puppy and give him the best possible home but after several attempts to come to some sort of arrangement to refund us what we paid for him and what we had spent out in vet fees she became angry and refused unless she had the pup back. I then reported her to Carmarthenshire County Council, who said they visited the property and found everything in order for the licence requirements and couldn’t do any more I emailed the kennel club also and reported them to the trading standard.

Our puppy will require specialist check-ups every 6 months to check the pressure of his eyes and prevent any cataracts forming. He is now 8 months old, we believe that during his first 12 weeks of life he had no human bonding what so ever as it has taken us all this time to get a tiny amount of affection from him but we have other dogs who he is totally soppy with. We love this dogs to bits and he is in the best home he could have, he also has a big fan-club at the local park, but had I known all this before I would have stayed clear. We are now in the process of taking this breeder to the small claims court but this to me if anything will only deal with the financial side of things and I wouldn’t like anyone else to buy from this breeder and go through the same devastation as our family have. I would like to make you aware of this breeder because after we bought our pup we have noticed she has given away several adults dogs of the same breed as ours free and is still selling numerous pups everyday on the free sites

Update 21/3/2012

Chilli’s owners were court in earlier today and got justice for Chilli. Mr & Mrs Bartlett of Arctic Wolves have been found guilty of deceiving them in the sale of Chilli, in their absence they were ordered to compensate owners for £450 plus court cost.

Update on Chille 12/1/2012

More bad news for this dear sweet pup. He has now been diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and has undergone surgery on both elbows to remove loose bone fragment and cartilage, which will in the long term leave him with early arthritis, all due to his bad breeding.

Cremdella Kennels, also know as Capella Cockapoos,Willow Park travellers site in Becks Row, Suffolk.
Last year me and my partner decided to buy our first dog.
We found an advert on an internet site for a little westie. We called Cremdella Kennels in Suffolk and arranged to view the little puppy. We travelled the long journey to Suffolk and it brought us to Mildenhall.

The kennel owners seemed ok and I was pleased the dog came
with a full vet check and was licensed by the local council, so we handed our
money over and we took home Buster, my little westie.

When we got home we noticed Buster had terrible diarrhea. I
called the vets and they suggested rice and chicken diet. This did not work, so
I took Buster to the vets with a faecal sample. The vets started Buster on
anti-biotics and sent the sample away for testing. The sample came back as poor
Buster having Ecoli poisoning. Buster had also had to start on a stronger set
of anti-biotics. My friends daughter had been handling the puppy and came down
with classic signs of Ecoli poisoning. The doctor suggested that the little
girl be tested for Ecoli. My heart sank. Luckily the little girl was Ecoli
clear. But I was told we had all been very lucky.

Buster started to have some strange behaviour and one day he
snapped at me. I also noticed Buster was excessively chasing his tail. I went
to look at my friends puppy and realised there was something wrong with Buster.
I was also sick of people stopping me in the street questioning me if Buster was
old enough to be out for a walk. I went home and immediately booked an
appointment at the vets.

I took Buster to the vets and asked the vet to confirm Buster
age and give my little dog an MOT. My vet confirmed my little dog was 2 weeks
younger than the vaccine card stated and what the kennels had sold him to me
as, by looking at the dogs teeth. My vet started to get worried as he noticed
that one of Buster’s pupils would not dilate. This means there is pressure on
the brain and was causing him to tail chase and be aggressive. The vets book
Buster in for an MRI scan. There were other physical signs on Buster that it
was possible Buster’s parents were interbred.

The next day, Buster was playing in the garden and had an
enormous burst of energy. After 5 minutes of running around, I noticed my
little dog was having problems walking and kept failing side ways and seemed
disorientated. I went and called Buster and he fell on his side and started to
have a seizure. I called my vet as the seizure was happening and he explained
to me that he had spoken with the neurologist who he was due to see and he
believed that Buster could have Hydrocephalus. Because of the puppies age, the
prognoses was grave and the best thing I could do is put the little dog to
sleep. After the seizure, Buster back leg kept giving up. I had my little dog
only 4 weeks and there I was taking him to be put to sleep. It broke mine and
my partners heart.

If you want to buy a puppy, please don’t buy from these kind
of establishments. I am about £1000 out of pocket but don’t regret a penny. I
know i did the right thing for Buster. We miss him everyday. What is left of
poor little Buster is in the picture above.

Mr and Mrs Davies, Blakeney,Gloucester. KC affix Rockybar.

Last year we bought a puppy from the internet, a beautiful blue Chihuahua bitch. We had been waiting for years for a blue chihuahua to come along and this one seemed perfect and Kennel Club registered. We didn’t view the dog until we picked her up but left a £100 deposit.

The woman and her husband seemed nice enough and seemed to know what they were talking about. We didn’t have much experience with Chihuahuas so her information seemed useful. We picked the dog up a few days before she turned 7 weeks old, at the time we didn’t think anything of it after all we had been waiting nearly 7 weeks to get her!

On the way home the pup had diahorrea which again seemed to be okay as the journey was four hours back home but after a few days it seemed to be getting worse and worse.. in the end she was taken to the vets and treated for it. The vet made sure she was okay and did a full check up for my parents and found a heart murmur, as you know some puppies can puppies have heart murmur’s but the vet seemed concerned, he informed us he would need to see Belle again in a few weeks time to see if it had cleared at all. In the end this was diagnosed as Patent ductus arteriosus.

Belle had to have open heart surgery at a few weeks old which has damaged her as a puppy, she became a little timid as she had to stay at the vets over a long weekend whilst the healing took place.

We got straight onto the phone of the breeder as this operation was worth quite a few thousand pounds, we had been told at the time that this condition could be hereditary and so we wanted to make sure the breeder could get in touch with the other couples who took one of the litter and ensure their puppy was okay. We were told at this point by a vet that without the operation Belle would have probably died before reaching 1 year old.

The breeders refused to take responsibility for this problem, refused to give any money back or take the dog back (which we really didn’t want to do anyway) or help out with any vets costs incurred. Instead we were told that PDA occured when we had bought the puppy… and is must have been the food we fed it on?

We successfully took the breeder to court on 24th Jan 2011. Breeder was ordered to pay £1650 compensation.

Linton’s Pet Shop, Berkshire.

At the end June my partner and I visited a garden centre that had a pet shop. They were selling puppies in this pet store. We left the centre, but spent the next week thinking about one little pup we had seen. The following Saturday we went to see if she was still there. She was, we could cope with the puppy, and decided we would give her a home. She was an 11 week old Border Collie and we named her Evie.

We were told she came from a local private breeder and was one of 5. She had been given her 1st vaccinations and we had a vaccination certificate.

On Sunday I noticed she was a little lethargic and had some diarrhea. I put it down to the heat and the stress of moving. On Monday I took her to the vets just to check and to get her 2nd injection. She was admitted to the vets on Monday with an IV and antibiotics as the vet thought she was dehydrated and maybe getting over an infection. Sadly, on Wednesday she was diagnosed with Parvovirus and on Thursday our little pup passed away.

By Emily Tonge

Puppy Love say again, please don’t buy pups from pet shops and always, always see pup with its mother in surroundings it was born.

Bred By Karen Crowley Of Gravesend, Kent. KC Affix Apsledene

We spent 3 months researching, taking heed of health issues surrounding this breed. We were completely ignorant, we had never heard of puppy farming. We were aware of the breed problems, mainly heart and eye.

We saw and advert for a tri-girl, she was advertised as an only puppy. I contacted the breeder and arranged to see her. Everything seemed perfect, the house was clean, the breeder informed us she only bred one litter a year. The Breeder is Kennel Club Registeredwhich at the time gave us reassurance as we believed they were well respected and part of the establishment.

The puppy for sale was one out of two in the litter and it didn’t take us long to agree to buy her and paid the breeder a deposit. We called her Sweet Molly. The first sign of trouble was when molly was 3 months old, for no apparent reason she would yelp, on one occasion she screamed very loudly, We took her to the vets on numerous occasions, checking all sorts of things without result.

We were careful when walking as she never seemed to be able to walk very far without looking exhausted. Sometimes she would stop and refuse to walk. More often than not she would have to be carried home. Eventually the Vet decided she should have her back legs x rayed, he suspected she might have a problem with her hips, the results showed she had dysplasia in both hips and her knee was popping out, which is probably the reason for the yelping. (Luxating Patella) For a while she seemed to improve, all of a sudden she became much worse.

We had a sweet little dog who had severe problems with all four legs. Molly could not walk. We decided with the Vets approval to take her to a leading joint specialist. The news was bad, he said she had severe case of Syringomelia, it was inoperable and he didn’t believe she would make her second birthday. Molly was given back to us, she was waggy tailed, bright and pleased to see us.

We were devastated when we received this information. We thought we had been so careful. I wrote to the Kennel Club, explaining everything, they basically sent a political fob off letter. So if a breeder is Kennel Club Registered it does not mean anything at all. We live with a ticking bomb, except we do not know when it is going to go off!!

Mollys Health Issues.

  • Luxating Patella
  • Osteo Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia

Mr. P. Whelan, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, LU5 6JS.

I had been looking to buy another Whippet as company for my 5 year old whippet, for some time, and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw one being advertised in my local paper. We phoned the number immediately and arranged to go that afternoon and see her. She was brought out to us and the first thing we noticed was that she had a cough. My husband said that we were worried that the cough was kennel cough, but we were reassured by the man, who we thought at the time was Mr. Whelan. He said that these were the first whippets they had bred and didn’t realise they were so sensitive to the cold, and that they had turned her heater up in her kennel, as the cough was due to the cold weather we had been having. We collected her the next day and the same man gave us a bottle of medicine for her to take for her cough. (the bottle had no vet’s label on to say who the medicine was for, or what dosage.)

The following day after we had visited our vet, my husband phoned back and spoke to the man who we still thought was Mr Whelan. We told him that the vet had questioned marked kennel cough. He told us we could have our money back if we took the dog back. There was never any question of us taking Elsie back as she was part of our family now. It wasn’t until Elsie deteriorated and we were told that she had had pneumonia, that I phoned up again. This time I did speak to Whelan, who had been on holiday. He was very aggressive in his tone and wouldn’t let me speak, he kept talking over me. I asked him for help towards the vets bill which was still ongoing. He told me he needed to think about it, but wasn’t promising anything. I took advise from the dog lovers breeders association, and wrote Whelan a letter and sent it recorded delivery, I asked for him to pay the vets bill and compensation. The next day Whelan called me and was furious for sending him a recorded delivery letter, and also for not waiting for him to get back to me. It was the same as last time, him doing most of the talking and not listening to what I had to say. He thinks that because he offered me my money back right at the beginning and I didn’t accept it, then everything was above board. He also said that the puppy had been RSPCA checked and also checked by his vet and was deemed fit. If that was the case, why was she taking medicine. The phone call ended abruptly when he hung up on me. I have now reported him to the RSPCA, who supposedly checked the puppy, the trading standards, consumer advise and the local paper who his advert appears in.

To date; Elsie has been to the vet 5 times, and has another appointment on Wednesday She has been admitted and hospitalised while they put her on a drip. She has had pneumonia. She has suspected kennel cough. She is so riddled with worms, she has been treated twice, the worms are coming out both ends, alive! She has had these for a month now, and still they keep coming. She is underweight. She has had diarrhoea and vomiting. Sticky runny eyes. As her first inoculations were such a long time ago, the whole course will have to start again. Elsie is nearly 14 weeks old now and as a pretty poor start to her life.

Susan Baverstock.

The name of this breeder is Mr. P. Whelan, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, LU5 6JS. Please be aware! If you have bought a sick puppy from this seller please inform Trading Standards and South Bedforshire District Council. You may also be interested to know this kennel was featured on Rogue Traders

Dogs4us Leeds

Bella was a beautiful Yorkshire terrier, purchased from Dogs4us and registered with Dog Lovers Registration certificate. She was much loved by her owners who were heartbroken when at just seven months of age and after months of complication’s Bella died from a massive seizure. Despite vets best efforts there was nothing they could do to save her. Bella was just a few days over Dogs4us 6 month guarantee so the store refused her owner’s any recompense. Bella was bred in Carmarthenshire on an establishment licensed by Carmarthen Council and was featured channel fives expose. The breeder is E. Harries, Maesbryn Kennels in Pencader Carmarthen. As far as we know this breeder is still breeding so be aware! Puppy Love will say again, you cannot expect healthy pups to be bred in conditions shown in the expose. The bitches are over bred and weakened, the stud dogs are stressed. It doesn’t take much intelligence to realise you could never find a happy socialised puppy bred in one of these god forsaken premises.

Dogs4us Leeds

Jacka was purchased from DOGS4US pet shop in Bramley Leeds and registered with Dog Lovers Registration. In August 2008. Four months later, a few days before Christmas, Jacka was put to sleep. He had intra-hepatic shunts and possible extra-hepatic shunting vessel cranial to the renal cavity, a congenital condition present from birth. All Jacka’s litter mates would have the same problem,have you purchased a sick westie from Dogs4us, if so let us know. Jacka was born on a farm in Carmarthenshire licensed by CCC, Jacka was bred by Mrs H B Morgan. LLwnfallen. Carmarthen council are are very lax in upholding license conditions or the animal welfare act and we found dogs in this establishment with matted coats, rotten teeth and eye infections,these conditions were confirmed by vets and we have all vet reports on the dogs we rescued from this farm. RSPCA were given statements and vet reports but decided not to prosecute. However the breeder was interviewed under caution and improvement notice served. She will remain on RSPCA radar should there be further complaints.

Jacka belonged to Robert, 10 year old son of the family and was Robert’s first ever puppy. Poor Jacka never stood a chance, however Dogs4us vet signed him as fit for sale. Is it time the veterinary profession started to refuse to sign pups as fit for sale if they cannot pick up on these kinds of illnesses?

Dogs4us Leeds

Dilly was bought from DOGS4US pet shop in Bramley Leeds,and registered with a Dog Lovers reg certificate. She was very sick and would not eat or drink. Dilly spent most of her first few weeks in the vets on drip and twice she was not expected to live. She had coccidosis,thankfully she did pull through but at an immense cost to her new owners. Dogs4us would not help with vets bills so Dilly’s owners are taking Dogs4us to court. Dilly was also bred on a farm in Carmarthenshire her breeders name is Evans, Veindre Farm, Pencader. Since our investigation this breeder has closed down voluntarily.

Puppy Love had investigated this farm previously and found dogs so very stressed that they spun in circles endlessly. We asked Carmarthen council to revoke the puppy farmer’s license in December 2008, but they refused to pay any heed to our concerns. If they had revoked license then Dilly would not have been for sale in the pet shop. This shows a total lack of concern by Carmarthen council for you the consumer. What gives them the right to license these establishments and then wash their hands or bury their heads in the sand when the complaints come back to them ? It is a scandal that all over Wales dogs are bred in this way and suffer because of local council total ineptitude. The Welsh Assembly talk about new legislation yet they cannot ensure the basic legislation is upheld today. The Animal Welfare Act and license conditions are breached on a daily basis. For the past 20 years campaigners have complained only to be patronized and told the situation is under control, we know this to be a huge lie as the channel five expose has just proven. Being responsible for animal welfare is a serious job and should not be taken lightly, especially when there are so many licensed dog breeding establishments in Carmarthenshire. The head of public protections Mr Philip Davies freely admits he has never set foot in a puppy farm or as he likes to call them breeding establishments, yet he continues to defend the puppy farmers and deny the cruelty.

Dogs4us Leeds

Izzy was also purchased from Dogs4us and registered with DLRC who deny they register puppy farms. Izzy had deformed ribs,breathing problems because her nasal passages were not properly developed, an enlarged heart and other problems and remember this….Dogs4us vet signed her fit for sale as he did with all these dogs. Again Dogs4Us refused any help with vets bills,so again court action will be taken against them. Dogs4us did offer full refund for Izzy as though she was a faulty washing machine but her owner refused as she loves Izzy dearly. Again a dog bred in Wales to make quick money by a Miss M Jones, Pantgwynbach, Llanfyrnacn, Pembs. Izzy has recently been diagnosed with serious hip dysplasia which means more pain and suffering for this little dog.

Dogs4us Leeds

Buster is a Basset and he too was purchased from Dogs4Us and registered with DLRC. His owner soon realised Buster was having trouble walking. He was lame and diagnosed with joint laxity. After a prolonged campaign against Dogs4us his owner was refunded half of Buster’s cost but money to help with vets bills was never forthcoming. Buster was bred by Pam Davies, Ace Kennels Cefn Cloch Farm Meidrim Carmarthen. Do you see a pattern developing here? The parent’s of such pups probably live with constant pain yet they are still bred from. No vet examines the dogs to see if they are fit to breed and no animal welfare officers do more than a quick check once a year.

Dogs4us Leeds

Amber, a Golden Retriever, was very ill soon after purchase from Dogs4Us and she was diagnosed with Parvo Virus which can be a killer and highly contagious. She spent days in the vets on drip and did manage to pull through. Her owner is pursuing court case to try and get compensation for vets bills. Amber was also bred in Carmarthen.nimal welfare officers do more than a quick check once a year.

Aquapets, Tolworth Broadway, Surbiton, Surrey

Nine years ago my mum presented me with a surprise Cavalier puppy as I was thinking of getting a companion for Charlie. Mum bought her from our local pet shop but I wasn’t too perturbed as we had always gone there for pet supplies. I had the pup vetted and was told she had a significant heart murmur. I spoke to the pet shop owner who had bought the pups from a 3rd party and when I traced it back to its origins it was indeed from a welsh farm. I have since discovered it was a puppy farm. Of course I kept Emma because I didn’t want her sent back where she would probably have been put down.

Emma was a nervous pup which is unusual for a cavalier. She had a good life with us, we are animal mad (since Emma we have only taken on rescue cats and rabbits) but her little life was marred and cut short by the health issues that we are in no doubt were inherited from callous interbreeding/over breeding of defective “puppy machines”, how could anyone do this to sweet sweet trusting cavaliers?????

Emma had an inherent heart murmur from a pup, she developed inherited diabetes, she developed cataracts early in life and went blind. Apart from the heartbreak of seeing your beautiful friend develop these conditions, if you love her you try to put right what you can and this involves huge financial burdens too!

Emma was on heart tablets, she was injected every day by me with insulin to control the diabetes, I paid for her cataracts to be removed by a top eye veterinary opthamologist in London so she could see again.

Emma was not insured so I worked out that her treatments cost me somewhere in the region of £8,000. of course I don’t begrudge a penny!

“HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGY IN THE WINDOW” – think, how much is it really going to cost you!!!

Emma died in my arms at the vets just before Christmas 2009, she had a massive seizure. I am so so sad and at the same time very angry, because of these evil puppy farmers untold sadness has been caused to my whole family.

The pet shop Emma came from was Aquapets, Tolworth Broadway, Surbiton, Surrey. The address in Wales was in town called Maesbryn.

Nine years ago there was not much publicity about the wicked practice of puppy farming, now there is!, So there is no excuse! Please please take heed from mine and the other stories, DO NOT buy these puppies, help the campaign, STOP IT NOW!

Sue Rawlinson


Duffy was featured in the Y Byd ar Bedwar programme on puppy farming in Wales which was screened on S4C in Dec 2008. Since the programme Puppies World has closed down but again we believe the owner Stacy Hayward is now selling pups from her home under a pet shop license from Crays Hill, Billericay, please be aware as she will still be buying in pups from the same puppy farms to sell on. If you live in that area you might like to complain to the council?

Duffy had many internal problems, her digestion has always been very poor meaning she doesn’t get the nourishment she needs from her food. Also she has a heart murmur.Her owner has spent a lot of money to get her well and she still has ongoing problems.

Duffy was bred on a farm licensed to keep 89 dogs by Carmarthenshire Council. Carmarthen Council is very lax upholding license rules and he animal welfare act.

Duffy’s owner was successful in taking Stacy Hayward owner of Puppies World to small claims court and the judge awarded in her favour, he ordered Stacy Hayward to pay back all veterinary fees to Duffy’s owner. Well done that judge, these pet shop owners need to know they cannot continue to dupe unsuspecting buyers and get away with it. Together we can make a difference. If you would like to watch the Y Byd ar Bedwar documentary you can do so here

Mylo another pup from The Retreat was a little luckier, he was very ill soon after purchase and it was found he had Gaurdia a parasitic infestation making him very poorly. His new owner has two more dogs and Mylo infected both, one older dog nearly lost her life. Numerous trips to vets and hundreds of pounds spent in vet fees plus heartache and worry.

Most pups bought over the internet, advertisements in newspapers and pet shops will have come from puppy farms… this is a fact.

Mylo can now look forward to a happy life we hope but his mother and father will still be locked in some dark, dirty hovel, frozen in winter and roasted in summer. They will have spent their lives in a cage producing litter after litter of sickly pups for you, the public to buy. They see no vet if they are ill and when their useful days are over they will be shot or clubbed to death.

Do you really want to keep these evil people in business? Please think twice before buying a puppy from a commercial outlet selling lots of different breeds. No matter how cute these puppies may look, think about the poor mothers who have borne these puppies and are continuing to suffer at the hands of the Puppy Farmers & Agents for financial gain only. Only you, the public, can help bring an end to this horrific trade.

The owners of these pups want you to read this and take heed, they want to spare you the pain they have suffered.

If you do buy a sick pup report it to your trading standards and local council immediately.

Please, if you are looking for a pup consider a rescue dog, there are hundreds in rescues all over the UK through no fault of their own. If you want a specific breed ask your local vet for the name of an ethical reputable breeder.

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