Investigations, Shining A Light On The Puppy Trade

To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations. Our footage has been featured on many current affairs programmes including the BAFTA award winning BBC’s The Dog Factory, ITV’s Tonight, ITV Wales This Week and Y Byd ar Bedwar, Sky and Channel Five News, BBC Wales, Week In Week Out, BBC’s The One Show and many others. We would like to make it clear we make no profit from this. We never sell our footage.

The dog factory

Puppy Love Campaigns assist BBC Scotland in the making of The Dog Factory. The best ever TV documentary on puppy farming. We were thrilled to be a part of this programme and honoured that some of our footage was used. Working with Sam and Liam (producer and reporter)was a pleasure

ITV's Tonight

July 2014. Puppy Love work with ITV Tonight programme to expose a Welsh dog breeder. We also expose puppy dealer Richard Kendall. Working with Emma (producer) and Gareth (cameraman) was a pleasure and we thank them for their efforts.

Welsh Puppy Dealer

Once again we work with Sian Morgan and the Y Byd ar Bedwar Team. This time we expose Huw Thomas notorious puppy dealer Our thanks to Wendy for taking part in the programme and for giving us information about her pups. Trading Standards are investigating this trader who sells sick and dying pups across England. Please be aware, don’t buy pups from dealers. 

Puppy Love Work With BBC Wales

2010 saw us exposing puppy farmer Derick Davies of Ceredigion. In 2011 BBC Wales helped us to get the information out to a wider audience and we thank them. Working with the Team was a pleasure.

Puppy Love and Sky News investigation

Puppy Love work with Jason Farrell and channel Five to expose Dogs4us and the cruelty behind pet shop puppies. We allow Jason and channel five to use our footage to raise awareness.

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