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Kitty a rescued breeding dog

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Breeding dog locked away for life producing pups.

We formed in 2007 to campaign against the factory farming of puppies.

We investigate and expose the cruelty involved in commercial dog breeding. Our evidence and undercover investigations are often used by the media, bringing these issues to public attention.

From the start of our campaigning efforts we have peacefully and persistently protested against the sale of puppies in pet shops and other retail outlets such as garden centres.  We object to third party sales of puppies and wish to see an end to this once our Government have the trade under better control.  We draw on our years of experience of dealing face-to-face with dog breeders, puppy dealers and sellers of all kinds to know that only a complete overhaul of the whole puppy trade will bring an effective end to the suffering of dogs in breeding facilities.

Gaining footage from inside factory farms and breeding kennels, witnessing first-hand the suffering the puppy industry causes is heartbreaking work.  We are just a small team of volunteers and until we began our work the cruelty of the puppy industry was largely unknown outside the closed doors of the puppy farms.

By exposing the truth, sharing our evidence, educating many and not flinching from what needs doing, we know our efforts make a difference to the dogs. But we could not do what we do without your support, thank you.

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To raise awareness we allow TV companies to use our undercover filming/investigations. Our footage has been featured on many current affairs programmes including the BAFTA award winning BBC’s The Dog Factory, ITV’s Tonight, ITV Wales This Week and Y Byd ar Bedwar, Sky and Channel Five News, BBC Wales, Week In Week Out, BBC’s The One Show and many others. We would like to make it clear we make no profit from this. We never sell our footage.

“We  owe Puppy Love Campaigns huge respect for what they’ve done over the years. Without their bravery and dedication, few would know what goes on behind the closed doors of the nation’s breeding facilities.”Janetta Harvey is a writer, blogger and author of wonderful books about her ex-puppy farm dogs.

“I applaud the thorough investigative work Puppy Love Campaigns have done to expose this brutal industry. They are showing you the evidence that the pet industry doesn’t want you to see. For too long this has been a hidden industry.” Debra Tranter is Australia’s leading anti puppy farm campaigner and founder of Oscar’s Law     

“I wholeheartedly support Puppy Love’s Campaign aim to bring an end to the suffering puppy farms cause”Joe Inglis is everyone’s favourite TV vet and also has his own pet food company



As you may have been aware recently there was a debate in Parliament regarding the puppy trade. EFRA, the Commons Select Committee were once again pushing for government to halt sales of puppies through third parties.

Pet Shops

The public face of puppy farming

Murphy is a Cocker Spaniel. He was born in Ireland, but he doesn’t live there. Soon after he was weaned, he was taken away from his mother, put in a cage and packed onto a lorry with many other puppies. 

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